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 DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

Bowser, a Democrat, said on Twitter the city's police department would protect everyone regardless of whether the mayor agreed with them.

 "While he hides behind his fence afraid/alone, I stand w/ people peacefully exercising their First Amendment Right after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd & hundreds of years of institutional racism. There are no vicious dogs & ominous weapons. There is just a scared man," she wrote.


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I saw a uTube last night, that showed a Middle Aged White guy, get out of his car and draw an arrow on his compound bow, in the middle of protests, in Utah.

The protestors variously smashed him in the face, upturned and trashed his car, the police took him away. The only footage of the guy speaking, was him saying "all lives matter".

Cav would probably have you believe that this was an innocent, who was attacked for exercising his 1st amendment right, to threaten someone with a lethal weapon.

I would prefer to think that the old fuck was upset when he couldn't drive freely through a crowd of protestors and rather than smile and say "Good Work" to the young'uns, he chose to point, killing weaponry, at young people.


Fuckwit, no idea, if he was left or right. 




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