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Top 5 Pattaya bars and why?


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Leading on from the top 5 BKK bars....


What's your top 5 bars in Pattaya? It can be a gogo, a beer bar, a massage parlour. It can be a hotel bar, or some old katoey selling beer by the side of beach road.

It's been at least six years since my last visit to the kingdom, and probably longer since I've been to Pattaya, so my list is way outdated. With an upcoming trip, I'd be interested to know your top 5....


Here's a few I remember...


1. Flinstones. A little beer bar at the bottom of soi 8, owned by a great guy, the girls were great fun and always knew where to find a good feed.


2. The beer bar with the woven cane seats.... about half way up. Fast Fred, or whoever he's known by these days, took me there one night (pretty sure it was my birthday), and coming from BKK, I assumed they closed at 2am... many beers later (some jai dee lads kept ringing the bell) the sun came up and we just kept going. I just made breakfast at 1130 at the hotel. Awesome time. Sidenote - best head job of my life from a lovely surin lass who I didn't even catch her name


3. Some gogo - I was drunk, it was hot, they had airconditioning


4. One of the "discos". There was Marine, and another one... I think it was the other one. Not sure, but there was about 8 of us (plus girls), and we were going nuts. Oh what a night.


5. Some crappy little beer bar near Pinewood Apartments. This was back when the boy scouts were in town. Pinewood was one of the only places with rooms (Xmas/NYE), which cost a bit but the rooms were awesome, and the food spectacular. Close proximity to Sabai(?) massage turned out a blessing too. There was a crappy looking beer bar nearly, with even crappier looking grandmother girls, but they were fun and always good for a laugh when I felt like a beer or three before hitting the town with the now infamous, "London Contingent" back in the day.



Ahh the memories. Plan on reliving some of the better ones soon.


Please share your thoughts/top 5

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Can only think of two bars that I would frequent regularly


1) Cherry bar. Opposite Big C. Great girls who are always dolled up and make you feel welcome.


2) Secrets bar, Soi 14 walking street. This is my "get away from typical beer bars" bar.


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1) Secrets, It's just different and my home when in Pattaya.

2) Stringfellows, as everybody going there, just having drinks with the boys ;-)

3) TQ, a great place for after work and meet with my mates.

4) Las Vegas, I know Peter and Ning and I like chatting with them.

5) Nevada's, one of my regulars is there, one day I will end up marrying her.


After those bars? All is good with the right attitude and alcohol in my body. :-)

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For me:


1. Baby Dolls - a great little gogo with a great manager. Some great girls.

2. Windmill - totally over the top, but can get expensive.

3. Iron Club - the women are really awesome, but a bit up themselves. Great eye candy.

4. X-Zone - if you haven't been there you won't know what you're missing. I mean, fisting in a bar???!!!

5. Misty's - great for relaxing, and stays open lare...

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1. Flinstones. A little beer bar at the bottom of soi 8, owned by a great guy, the girls were great fun and always knew where to find a good feed.



I passe through soi 8 a couple of weeks ago and didn't se Flintstones. I may be gone.

Soi ( has changed a lot since I was in Patters a couple of years ago.





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This is all based on my last visit in 07


Happy Agogo






Not in any particular order


Champions??? Where old BG's go do die. Obviously you like the more "mature" style of lady, Asia Fun!

Unless it's changed, last time I was there the youngest girl was about 35, and the youngest punter was about 85 !!


However, one man's stunner is another man's nightmare - YMMV.


For me: (In terms of having a fun night out)

1. Peppermint

2. Sweethearts

3. Happy

4. Baby Dolls

5. New Star


In terms of best looking girls - and again, just my opinion

1. Airport

2. Iron Club

3. Happy

4. Alcatraz

5. Baby Dolls


Windmill and X-Zone and places like that are kind of too hardcore for me and I find them a bit degrading. I like watching hot chicks dancing and flirting. Not being fisted by some 70 year old fat slob.... yeeeech...

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