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China Touching Breasts Festival

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From Pattaya Daily News. Sad part is, this makes more sense than the fucking monkey-twats at AIS that I've been dealing with for the last 2 weeks, trying to get my number changed over to TRUE. Anyway, enjoy ...


China Touching Breast Festival PDN Link



China's loong yunnan double cypress county town of hubei's traditional culture festival celebration of yi, time for the lunar year July 14, 15 and 16 days, "touch" milk to touch the milk during a man for the auspicious, women were in touch with milk for giovanni cobolli gigli.


Festival originated from the sui dynasty. Milk is China’s yunnan touched home town of hubei county double nai yi’s traditional culture year “Halloween Cavano’s Blog celebration, the lunar calendar isâ€, July 14, 15 and 16 days, except for the limited festivals “good brothers, came to town of male and female, appear to abide by†milk “, is a man is pleased to touch, women will glad to accept by touch. From the sui dynasty, many young for successive years, women are not even touch The rotten apple will die, WangSi dead wandering around, if not, they do not sacrifice of grievances YiGu will bring disaster.


But the spirit of the strongest thoughts: looking for a woman to sheol to wife, try the taste of a woman… This is the normal sacrifice cannot satisfy! Ghosts are very simple and very picky, who was the woman who touched milk never will! By several men are more touched in place without The vicissitudes of the stone ghost! Girls should not go to hell when the demons, only in the last few days, the demons street to allow people to touch, the ghost nothing. This custom has milk.


Although “touch†involves heterosexual topic, but will it look for yi is a traditional festival, please correct it, don’t think national holiday. In the “milk†3 Morning glory days, the local women wear the coat will only obscure side breast, breast, the other side of the cover as participate in the festival, people can feel as cover for the other side of the breast is their future husband retained. Originally, double cypress WoGu county “Halloween†another called – “touch†milk.


That local single Flying dreams men and women can be in this day, find out the market. Once on the elephant, will hand into the hillside pine woods… While more and more people, including foreign visitors, if you meet in the street like woman, can touch the woman’s breasts. On this day, the woman was touched is not angry. Men to touch the milk is auspicious, women were in touch with milk for giovanni cobolli gigliIn general, Winter sonata the girl in the process of touch, but will still be not angry.


It appeared to flirt, laughter and applause commonly. Throughout the festival activities during all the men and women merely to touch the milk, there is no other. Because this is the local people lasted more than 1,000 years. After the festival, the girl is touched I miss is quarrelledwith milk for pleasure, boys to touch the milk and glory, girls and to touch and touch the quantity for his achievements.

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From the English, I'd guess this is from The Nation's website. :p


Its truly bizarre when you read the literal translation of a lot of the Chinese media - insanely flowery and nonsensical stuff - you've gotta hope that the manuals at their nuclear power stations were written by a completely different crowd. :yikes:

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