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How Can We (Re-)Activate The Board?


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Nanaplaza was once a Delphi board. I belonged to about 5 different Delphi boards, only two of them nightlife and Thailand related. One was a Malaysian board, another for military veterans and the last for writers. Everyone of them now is almost dead. A month may go by without a single post. In comparison Thai360 is rather healthy. There is something that keeps people posting here.





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Its called insomnia. :neener:


ttm does raise an interesting point - its been quite a while since someone has asked what the going rate is for ST/LT at NEP. Prices were an obsession for many here, particularly the expats who never missed a chance to hammer weekend warriors like myself for paying 'too much'. Now I get glared at by girls in KL for bluntly telling them that I wont pay 300 MYR for ST when I pay half that in BKK. If only Pattaya had a bar full of Filipinas like the Beach Club ........ :yay:

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Actually, that ST/LT is a good point. People always say if new guys come here to ask they get treated like a troll. Can someone please link to a specific example of this?


I don't tackle ST/LT questions cause I don't know that much (but do a little :) ) --> but if they ask about good after-hours place, hey I'm on it. Though my input may suck. I don't think I'm technically new anymore.


If anything you see this kind of "My god, don't upset a new person" mania occur and then a few threads on whether anything might've said something to scare off a new guy. And then groups start slagging each other off.


And we get complex formulas about making the board better.


Focus more on sex god damnit! That's the answer!!! Then we'll have an army of new guys. Puh-leaze. Do you think tall tales from jaded expats who feel compelled to exagerrate sex stories is going to be exciting to people? If anything it'll contribute to cliches.


I swear on my life I won't post this again ---> but keep it simple and let the chips fall where they may: Post shit that's interesting. If it's on nightlife - post it. If it's on getting gaffled by tourist police for tossing a cigarette butt - post it. If it's on a motorbike taxi driver helping you out of a jam and changing your perception of locals - post it.


And for you old fogeys the keep crying about sex - post it. Don't talk about it and tell me what to do. :)



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