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  1. Very sorry to hear this. This forum was so important to me when I moved to Thailand RIP
  2. It sort of fits into that underlying racism that a lot of the old farts who wander up and down Sukhumvit have. Plus that ignorance of these kind of people “why don’t the police stop them??” And as mentioned before, the type of stickman reader who thinks the whole of Thailand revolves around blokes who drink in pubs on the lower Sukhumvit.
  3. Stickman had published the exact same email 2 weeks in a row! Not surprised, insight like this deserves to be spread far and wide
  4. It’s heavily inferred that it was a result of the COVID vaccine and Stick follows that up with his own opinions on the jab. Anyone reading that would think he had his leg amputated due to the “severe adverse reaction” to the AZ jab. clumsy or deliberate?
  5. Being a bit naughty here, @Stickman? Heavily implying Dave lost his foot due to the COVID vaccine?
  6. That email speculations that Thaksin might not be popular with expats due to his policies possibly increasing the ST price in Soi Cowboy was a stone cold classic
  7. Know loads of people like this. Seemed to meet most of them around COVID with their galaxy brains and comments on closing Nana Plaza being devastating for the Thai economy. Do these people ever even glance up at the skyscrapers clearly visible from lower Sukhumvit and wonder what exactly it is that goes on in there? spoke to one bloke recently who wondered aloud if Thai Airways was struggling financially because Orchard Towers in Singapore closed down and that’s how they made their money
  8. Some pretty funny letter in stickman this week. Do people really think the police aren’t involved in what’s going on? “And it’s no accident that they congregate in the Farang area. That’s where the biggest demand is” No, it’s just where they allow them to sell it. Biggest demand is with the millions of Thais who use. Not that anyone who reads stickman is aware of Thai people who have nothing to do with the bar scene
  9. Actually I’m the same. From Salford but moved near Leigh when I was a teenager. Still, quite the coincidence
  10. Fucking hell, another Leyther! leigh is the place to be at the moment, tho but. Wembley soon
  11. no, I do not understand what you mean. You need to contact the Police and if that doesn’t work, write to @Stickman
  12. Used to know one bloke who drank in LK Metro. Every girl he took back to his room ended in disaster, always over complicating things, confusing/creeping out the girls and having to get security to come to his room. A bitter, angry man who 8 times out of 10 would have a problem with his bill at the end of his night in a sports bar. The last person on earth you would take advice from, which didn’t stop him from dispensing his wisdom on how to deal with girls in Pattaya to everyone he met.
  13. I love the race back to the bar. Him on the Songthaew (obviously) her on the motorcycle. Red faced, eyes bulging, spitting with anger. I DEMAND TO SEE THE MANGER!! And then to write to someone about it and offer his sage like advice on how to deal with these people. I feel sorry for the girls, I really do.
  14. Would love to have heard the conversation with the police officer conducted in pigeon English “I pay bar, she promise boom boom mai me condom but she not do!” “Yes This velly serious na, I go arresting she and take she go jail”
  15. This weeks letter to Stickman about going to the cops because a prostitute wouldn’t have sex without a condom. absolute stone cold classic. Absolutely unbelievable when is the girl due in court??
  16. I remember to logon to here every year or so and am immediately transported back to 2007, sitting in the Big Mango bar in Nana having a burger and a Beer Lao. where does the time go?
  17. Some absolutely bare arsed loons on there loudly and repeatedly demanding the COVID extensions are ended this month. You can smell the embitterment from here. Sad, demented old drunks sat in an isolated village up in Sakon Nakhon going slowly insane.
  18. It’s beyond a joke now. The Thais (government and the people) just aren’t ready to move on from COVID My building still won’t allow outside technicians to come in to fix the AC etc
  19. The dampest of damp squibs they added Chaing Mai to the blue zone and scrapped the pre flight PCR (the least troubling aspect of entering Thailand) Test and go remains as does 11pm closing and all the other bollocks
  20. Has it hell, it’s probably even worse now. embitterment rules
  21. The forum above all others was a massive help to me when I first came to live here in 2007. Sad to see it go so quiet, it was much less bitter than ThaiVisa
  22. If scientists explicitly warned people’s NOT to rub dog shit in your eyes to treat COVID, thousand of people would immediately run outside to scoop up handfuls of the nearest, freshest turds available
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