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Meeting At Lumpini Police Station Tonight


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A widely underestimated soi seems to be number 11 . No idea which police area but investigating sources of true love and passion I stumbled last week into a place called AVA Bar . Still not sure what the concept is but heading for the restrooms on second floor I noted 2 ladies sitting in swings swinging all the time . Anyway the establishment is highly recommended due to an extremely civilised environment and asking an official what the purpose of the house is I was told for a lousy 2000 Baht barfine the girls were probably willing to offer secretive pleasures . I decided to invest into gin and tonic instead although later the evening some lady joined me at my table and after 2 glasses of red wine complained about man from Germany who broke her heart . And left her two years ago with a luk krung (sp?) of 7 years . She herself was 20 years she later confirmed meaning at the age of 11 must have given birth to aforementioned human being . Moments like this make my life a precious event and my thanks go out to the unknown parents of this exceptional lady .We had some more drinks which led into a serious shortage of funds and I had to ring the hotel to send a man with a car and fresh money .


Another lovely evening in the big city , I don`t know what all you people are complaining about .

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