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  1. I could say something but I don´t
  2. Gentlemen, the possibility that this fine board would disappear for whatever reason creates enormous sadness deep within myself. Thanks to Mr Jigger for trying to keep things going although he has never been an active poster. I think it would only be fair if we pay the fees.
  3. We are too old to adjust to unknown territories
  4. Ready to contribute, for example 40 USD/year which would require another 9 combatantes. Did I get the math right Mekong?
  5. Coss,ignorant subjects like this Englishman would never understand the meaning of riding on a train all night, we are talking about a cultural event other than just transportation. Taking the night train to Nong Khai is one of my definite projects which might never come true though.
  6. The Thai same sex marriage thing made it even into the German Radio and TV-news yesterday. I appreciate that all these people can organize their life as they wish to although I cannot hear all the lgbt-crap any more. Recalling the news over the last 5 years you get the impression that at least 80 % of the population are either gay, something else or even nothing at all . A 14 year old person can now see the local authorities and declare they are not a boy/girl any more but wish to be regarded as male/female right away. Totally sick. May Buddha bless them all, me BuBi like woman too mut.
  7. Gentlemen, as my personal gift to all esteemed bordmembers whose blood pressure still increases once a beautiful motorcar crosses their path I may take the opportunity to introduce what I believe is a masterpiece within the world of the dying gasoline driven vehicles. What you see here is an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio powered by the beautiful V6 3000 ccm basically Ferrari engine widely used in various Maseratis before. Unit develops 520 hp. Trying to find out what it takes to drive a car like this on the old Nürburgring Northern Loop I identified an Italian professional racedriver currently working for the Pirelli tyrefactory. Man is 42 years old and started his career with 5 years racing karts, so nothing falls from heaven. Watch this and enjoy, it is unbelievable. Part of the game is a ZF 8 gear "doubleclutch" gearbox enabling the driver to change gears to his heart´s content whatever the revs might be. The car is standard as you get it from the dealer, no race modification. Do not forget your loudspeaker.
  8. The really frightening aspect is that obviously half of the US voters would support this mentally disturbed person.
  9. Khun Donald now looking into electric battery-issues in combination with sharks. Both 10 yards away under water. Sorry about this lengthy link, no idea what happened : https://x.com/atrupar/status/1799894705288761412?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1799946323418079590|twgr^44e69f5c04adbf60c6c4349893f3790d97917967|twcon^s3_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.t-online.de%2Fnachrichten%2Fausland%2Fusa%2Fus-wahl%2Fid_100428740%2Fdonald-trump-stolpert-im-wahlkampf-doch-liegt-trotzdem-vor-joe-biden.html
  10. Did never forget this post of Marcel, both dog lovers that we were.
  11. I wish I could be there, last time I met Marcel was when we ran into each other on the Sukhumvit-flyover somewhere close to the Sofitel when he was on the way to work. Can´t remember, probably a year ago, maybe more. Not easy to realise somebody just does not exist any more. My thoughts are with his family.
  12. Did or does anybody attend the cremation?
  13. I am reading this and can´t believe it. KS and myself had some business together years ago and I remember him as a straightforward fellow drinking too much Coke. I hope family and kids get through this, he certainly died far too early. Rest in peace KS.
  14. Attention fellow boardsmen! I predict an incoming stream of new members following a mentioning of this fine board by Khun Stickman this very Sunday. " The forum is back up and remains a place for long-time members to reminisce about the good old days, along with a regular dose of bickering. " To avoid TikTok addicts and other brainless subjects I may propose a minimum age of 65 years for access to keep standards high and maintain the average age level. Further a meaningful essay covering 5 gogo-bars which closed at least 25 years ago should be provided by any newcomer. ( For credibility)
  15. Looks to me as if the man on the motorcycle stopped out of curiosity, then got aware of the necklace and took it.
  16. Gentlemen, boardmembers in fear of suffering a heart attack after entering a romantic relationship with a willing lady under the influence of stimulating pharmacy like for example Viagra might be interested to learn as follows: A heart attack is the result of a blockade of the coronary arteries, usually result of previous mistakes like smoking, high level of cholesterol, overweight and so on. In other words, result of a lengthy process. I remember a documentation on the German TV soon after introduction of Viagra where Pattaya barworker "Wee" confirmed that some of her customers according to her experience " Did not come" , meaning after swallowing a dose of Viagra they developed a hardon like never before but could not ejaculate, resulting in consecutive effort but leading into death. The famous " Sudden cardiac arrest ". In this respect I wish to adjust the findings of the honorable Samut Prakan police forces. So have no fear. As long as you do not overstretch your related potential, you should be on the safe side. I am an expert in this field because I survived a cardiac arrest in 2011 whilst executing my daily 100 push-ups, both feet on a chair. You get maximum 10 minutes til somebody comes round the corner with a defibrillator. They did.
  17. Gentlemen, all kind o charity-like activities only exist due to immediately being brought to public attention. In the end only the result matters though.
  18. Assorted clips from German aircraft carrier INVINCIBLE BUBI
  19. Thinking deeply all the time what I like about this photo. I recommend Facebook in general.
  20. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1714514825985686 To clarify my concern .
  21. Gentlemen, since I have started watching Facebook occasionally I am plastered with something that is called "Reels". Various subjects repeatedly meet my growing interest as there are: Young women lifting their skirts offering a brief view on their private parts. Although too short if you ask me. Then I enjoy "Reels" with boats leaving inlets in Florida almost capsizing, very funny. And recently they offer "Reels" with US army pilots climbing onto their warplanes accompanied by a ridiculous process like waving their arms through the air or presenting kind of a silly dance. The same and worse happens on the ground next to the aircraft offered by service staff making me think they lost their mind. What is this all about?
  22. The only members I did ever physically meet were the Stickman and Khunsanuk. Although there were quite a few during a dinner at the place in Soi 5 and the serverparty, can´t remember who was present. The reason why these old style forums were a real treasure is that nowadays on Facebook etc anybody can post any shite he thinks is important, there is no resposibility like on a somewhat closed community. Therefore I am grateful to have been able to participate, just thinking how much time I spent here.
  23. " Rusty on the piss in LOS " , unforgettable. World cultural heritage. Fortunately I copied several posts which are now 20 years old or maybe more, the one some bloke from Norway talking about his failed marriage up North still makes me almost unconscious with laughter whenever I read it again. " Man from Greenland " another gem, does anybody remember?
  24. Donald is now started selling bibles, which he claims is his favorite book anyway. Anybody not laughing? 60 USD each a real bargain because page 1 I guess holds a voucher for guaranteed entry into paradise. Backed by reverend Donald, the holy man.
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