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  1. The Thai people not being the inventors of public discipline I have always been more than surprised to note the low level of nationwide infections. Still a mystery why this outbreak seems to be spreading right now. On a sidenote: the more than lovely Madame Pam currently positioned at her suburban estate in Vientiane/Lao did already receive two shots, origin China, factory Sinovac. Other than that, the city is in lockdown. Did not see her by the way since December the 16th, 2019. Heart broken.
  2. I have studied this case and come to the following conclusion: Quote: " Ms. Centner, who has frequently shared anti-vaccine posts on Facebook, claimed in the letter that “reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated.” “Even among our own population, we have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person," Point is that after thorough sexual intercourse a possible impact on menstruation is the temporary ending of it due to p
  3. Cav, I had a sleepless night due to my uncertaincy why the Biden presidency attracts massmurder events. Please enlighten.
  4. Cav, could you probably be so kind to explain the attraction of Democratic Presidents on mass shootings? A possibility might be that the relevant gun-lovers intend to let the good times roll as long as any arsehole can buy an semi automatic, what do you think?
  5. Mr Coss, an estimated 240 moons ago you joined this board of excellent sanukers and simultaneously promoted a unit called the Deep Klong Anglers Club. Would you kindly be prepared to expand on any further progress of said project. I did already ask you an estimated 14 years ago but did never receive any details.
  6. Barest nonsense of stratospheric dimension. Which is why Cav believes it.
  7. As could be expected, total nonsense. Currently available vaccines weakening the immune system would be breaking news. Maybe leatherjacket-Jesus had a bad dream and told his fans about it. 45 % of all Republican voters refuse vaccination, how stupid can it get?
  8. Not heard a single word about these dramatic findings. Any source?
  9. A great reflecting genius is Bolsonaro of Brazil, maybe you have heard of the phantastic results. Who cares about dead people.
  10. Here you can see what Nasiadai identifies as the weakness of the Euro , in 2000 it has been on par to the USD.
  11. BB Leave my thread! Fuck off! is what he says. How, oh gentlemen, could I ever win his love? I am lost.
  12. " After some parties, money would change hands. According to receipts reviewed by CNN, Gaetz and his associate Joel Greenberg, a former county tax commissioner indicted last year on multiple federal charges, used digital payment applications to send hundreds of dollars to at least one woman who attended the parties." This provokes a misinterpretation; the money has been for The Sacred Society of Godloving Virgins (SSGV) appointed by the Holy Father in Rome.
  13. Gentlemen, no idea about Bangkok but I may proudly introduce myself as a threefold property sponsor so far Chang Rai, Khorat countryside and finally Vientiane. The land has always been there but the actual building even at reasonable standards costs pennies. For 10 Million you could build your own mobarn including a decent gogo. The most lovely Pam put her savings into an apartment BTS On Nut plus 5 minutes motorcycle at about 500.000 Baht. One room plus kitchenette, hongnam and balcony. Not new.
  14. Nasiadai, you will for ever have reserved a place deep in my heart for posting this link. What I found there is a floating market somewhere in Petchaburi. Which is one of these things I love Thailand for. I swear by my eyelight that next time I shall be able to hit the kingdom I take a trip with the most lovely Pam and my appointed taxidriver Tana to pay this place a visit. Thank you very much again. Maybe I even make it to Pattaya one day.
  15. Looking at the US from a distance I would say that so far sleepy Joe has done more for the US than his last two colleagues. I hope Cav heartily agrees. The amazing thing is that rotten Donald has completely taken over the previously honorable Republican Party.
  16. Once I find some I´ll show them some of Cavanamis´s links and I am sure they race back into shelter.
  17. With greatest pleasure I wish to inform the esteemed community about a vaccination that has taken place in the Federal Republic only yesterday. Material called Biontec has been injected into the body of member BuBi at 05:30 PM central European time. Second one scheduled for May the 20that the very same hour. Arm hurts but that is it. Velly goos. For once I enjoy to belong to the eldery people.
  18. Mr Cav, with greatest pain I may inform you that all your undoubtedly precious website-quotes do not open on my screen. This has been going on for weeks now and CNN became my only source for hot news from the US.
  19. To whom it concerns: I dearly wish Chancellor Biden would preside over the currently fucked German vaccination process, we are facing an unbelievable inability to handle a problem that is now 14 months on the road. The Amellica people should feel blessed to be honest.
  20. Any further comment is superfluous
  21. Cav, it is Eastertime, all of us are full of joy and optimism. Bless this fine forum by a brief statement that you have put together by yourself. In your own words. It could praise Trump or any of his crooked friends, you could explain us why Ted Cruz symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus for example. Or the NRA represents God on earth, materialised by Santa Donald. Go ahead.
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