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  1. Assorted clips from German aircraft carrier INVINCIBLE BUBI
  2. Thinking deeply all the time what I like about this photo. I recommend Facebook in general.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1714514825985686 To clarify my concern .
  4. Gentlemen, since I have started watching Facebook occasionally I am plastered with something that is called "Reels". Various subjects repeatedly meet my growing interest as there are: Young women lifting their skirts offering a brief view on their private parts. Although too short if you ask me. Then I enjoy "Reels" with boats leaving inlets in Florida almost capsizing, very funny. And recently they offer "Reels" with US army pilots climbing onto their warplanes accompanied by a ridiculous process like waving their arms through the air or presenting kind of a silly dance. The same and worse happens on the ground next to the aircraft offered by service staff making me think they lost their mind. What is this all about?
  5. The only members I did ever physically meet were the Stickman and Khunsanuk. Although there were quite a few during a dinner at the place in Soi 5 and the serverparty, can´t remember who was present. The reason why these old style forums were a real treasure is that nowadays on Facebook etc anybody can post any shite he thinks is important, there is no resposibility like on a somewhat closed community. Therefore I am grateful to have been able to participate, just thinking how much time I spent here.
  6. " Rusty on the piss in LOS " , unforgettable. World cultural heritage. Fortunately I copied several posts which are now 20 years old or maybe more, the one some bloke from Norway talking about his failed marriage up North still makes me almost unconscious with laughter whenever I read it again. " Man from Greenland " another gem, does anybody remember?
  7. Donald is now started selling bibles, which he claims is his favorite book anyway. Anybody not laughing? 60 USD each a real bargain because page 1 I guess holds a voucher for guaranteed entry into paradise. Backed by reverend Donald, the holy man.
  8. His son-in-law Kushner once traveled to Saudi-Arabia when his father-in-law was in office and after Kushner came back to the US, the Saudis decided to invest 2 billion in Kushners business. Maybe some is left.
  9. Sir, as you might be aware this very Sunday the Russians did have a chance to participate in something that was called election. Big big surprise Putin did win by 88 %. The Russians residing in Germany could vote in a consulate that is very close where I live. I went there and found about maybe 30 people waving Russian flags and yelling Russian words that included the name Putin. Useless to talk to these folks because they suffer from the same sectarian feelings that make many US-people really believe Donald has been sent to earth by God himself to save mankind. It is hopeless, I only pray the US majority of people shall stay reasonable.
  10. How is it possible this idiot might become President of the United States?
  11. Mr Mekong , very well . They have been there a million years ago or whatever . Over a couple of years wolves have been invited to invade the Federal Republic ( of Germany ) and in Northern Italy they recently counted about 100 brown or black or yellow bears , can´t remember . One of them killed a man for unknown reason. The wolves enjoy killing cattle once they find them, thinking they arrived in a paradise of finding decent food. Without men this would principally be a better place, subjects like Trump or Putin prove my view.
  12. Maybe I could borrow his Kor Rors for a small fee.
  13. OH, thank you a lot for your advice. I shall contact them as soon as I recover from a bottle of German Rosé. There seem indeed to be holes in the fence as I said before. Although, at this very moment I have to revitalise an ages old issue concerning the quality of aeroplanes. You, Old Hippie, many years ago were complaining about Airbus producing planes that did not meet standards which you as a qualified tecnician in this field would expect from a flying unit carrying passengers, other than Boeing you said. Please enlighten us about your latest feelings. Sorry about bringing this up but like an elephant I am treasuring various posts from the old days like from this man Coss praising Patpong bargirls as very very elegant. At least I think it was Coss. And there was a decent guy called Chicagodave, well the good old days. Wildalaska, if still alive a true Trump-supporter I am sure. I am not.
  14. Gentlemen, for the future I am planning to spend some more time in the kingdom although within the 30 days timeframe. Shall not apply for any kind of visa. Nonetheless a local bank account would be an advantage. Contacted an outfit called Siamlegal and got the message without visa of some variety no chance, government does not support tourist bank accounts. Because I am a supporter of the theory that any long fence has a hole somewhere I kept researching and found this :https://unionspace.co.th/open-personal-bank-account.php. These good people seem to care for anything that a foreigner might want and claim to be able opening an account somewhere as long as you pay them 28000 baht. Would not worry me and therefore I rang them today but the lady on the phone did not speak English and did furthermore not sound very Thai to be honest. There is no way I would pay these people one Satang before I could look at my newly established account but I would be interested in your opinion looking at this establishment as it presents itself online.
  15. I am sure Trump´s brainpower is far too limited to understand the Palestina-Situation. He as usual has done something that he classified as the move of a political genius.
  16. I agree on all acounts. If only Biden would establish a reasonable person as vice, there would be hope for many people. Maybe the new female superstar, I forgot her name. Boyfriend is a football hero. Tylor Swift, now I got it.
  17. Gentlemen, mentally supporting newly discovered shoe-designer Donald Trump I may proudly introduce the very first Bubi´s Mar-a -Lago workout sneakers, heritage edition. Submission price just 289 USD, freight prepaid. Colour is yellow with black stripes, thus representing an aggressive tiger of some variety. Cash payments welcome.
  18. Mr George, many a people keep on writing about various experiences which they claim to be " the best I ever had ". There seems to be an inflation of these events. You talking about some place at Soi 11 I do not know about I may praise an open air Soi 7 restaurant on your left which does not exist any more where a friendly female manager introduced sticky rice with mango or mango with sticky rice, so far unknown to me. What a wonderful surprise, free of charge for that matter. What a sweet memory, although not the best I ever had, there are others.
  19. The good thing about Annie´s has been the possibility to have a quiet beer not being bothered by anybody. Which does not mean I have ever been there but somebody might have told me. Soi 7/1 appears to be a hardcore salespoint for sexual activities, no like.
  20. Years ago Obama asked justice Mrs Ruth Baader Ginsburg to resign due to her age and bad cancer. Reason was he wanted the opportunity to install another non-conservative justice. She refused and Trump welcomed the opportunity when she finally died. Battle lost due to stubbornness. Joe Biden same same I fear.
  21. Gentlemen , the solution comes here : Possible future president Donald Trump of the United States of America now starts selling tasteful golden sneakers . Another approach to join the needs of the working class at 375 USD a pair. No doubt it will further encourage the Trump sect to vote for this pure piece of shit; other than brother Mekong I am a USA-Supporter since God knows when and therefore include old Joe Biden in my evening prayers to beat this asshole. Of course I don´t pray in the evening but principally I could.
  22. Trump will nontheless now spread the news that the Federal Court found him not guilty of promoting an insurrection and now it is officially declared that he is innocent.
  23. According to what we get to know from inside there seems to be a tendency to rule in favour of Donald and after having studied the mutual arguments there might indeed be reasons to support the Trump-camp although it makes me vomit if I look again at his yellow face. This is after all a process to identify what the law says and not a political decision. Please note my words are full of wisdom as usual.
  24. Sir, if Donald would be told to fuck off, only a Federal Court with a conservative majority would be able to say so. A "democrat" ruling would lead the USA into the second civil war I guess. My prayers are with the court tonight, although a decision would take some more time. Maybe their kind of questions would give some idea where they are drifting. May the Lord give them wisdom.
  25. "Former President Donald Trump said Sunday he would consider imposing a tariff upward of 60% on all Chinese imports if he regains the presidency. " Oh yes, which would his redneck followers community make paying happily a probably 40 % ? surcharge on anything that Walmart and friends have on offer. 2 years ago I though this idiot would never make it again but if the Amellica people want it like that: up to them. Oh Holy Lord. Correction: Donald confirmed in the meantime it would be more than 60%
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