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Ms Office 2013 - Availability

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Is Microsoft Office 2013 available in CD disk version in Thailand?

Yes, the legitimate version.

Much/some of the world it is only a download. No disc. Purchasing retail all you get is a product key.

But some parts of the world it is still sold retail with a CD disc.

What is available in Thailand?

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Not sure if this is par for the course but I had to get a new laptop about 6 weeks ago when home in BKK (would never purchase anything in Vietnam) and as you say it came with a "Free" Version of Office 2013 Home & Student which was CD format, Home & Student and Home & Business are only available CD format, difference being you get outlook with business but still no access. Details taken from the box of MS Office 2013 Thailand May 2015. Soon upgraded to office 365 personal which is good enough for me since Windows / Office is for work whereas OS X and Mac's are for personal use.


Not saying I was paying much attention but I was on the look out for a legit copy of MS Project 2013 and could not find a CD version anywhere and was told only available via download and subscription so I downloaded a copy of Project 2007 instead no way I was paying upwards of $250 for 2013.


Office 365 Home works for me, $99.99 per annum can be installed on up to 5 Computers / Tablets (PC and Mac, IOS and Android) and 5 Phones, 60 Minutes per month International SKYPE Credits and 1TB One Drive storage all for $8.33 / Month.


One Drive is a godsend to me since I am often remote from my Laptop but often go out into the field with my tablet much like engineers used to carry clipboards in the non to distant past, all of my work documents are in the cloud and I can edit from anywhere and Synch all devices when back in the office. I have no network in yet that is another 2 years down the line but last month 3G data charges came down in VN 10GB for $5 / Month more than enough for me.


Confession time, I must admit that MS 8.1 with office365 is far more productive for me in the work environment than OS X, especially with touch screen on the laptop. After many years of Smartphones (got a Grey import iPhone in Thailand Circa July 2007) and Tablets touch screens, touch pinch, scroll, expand etc are a more natural interface than a mouse, not quite 2002 "Minority Report" just yet but getting a lot closer to it than many people would have imagined when that movie came out.


A slight analogy if I may, Windows is a workhorse, the 4x4 / Utility Vehicle of computing, now one could have an old Pick up (Windows XP) that does its job and plods along or maybe one goes for the Range Rover Vogue 4x4 the dogs bollox, but it is still a yute. OS X, well OS X is your Ferrari or Lambo to drive, a bitch to drive with its little quirks but once you know how to handle the OS one can fly, both OS have their places depending upon the end users needs, hence the reason I use both.


So to answer your question, Yes you can get office 2013 on CD in Thailand but only up to Home & Student which offers Word, Excel. Powerpoint & One Notes and Word and Business as W&S plus Outlook, if you require MS Access, on line cloud storage, SKYPE credits etc then office365 subscription is the way to go.

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