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Holidays In Eckernfoerde – Some Pictures And Comments

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About the same time frame I was in Kaoshiung for three years, mostly working at China Steel and another small rod and bar mill.


Haven't been back since 1997, but when I was there, the pollution was beyond terrible! The tap water smelled of diesel oil!!

The Love River ran thru the city and it was anything but lovely!!!


Kaoshiung had a few pubs and farangs. The memories I have from Snow Pub... :hubbahubba:


I hope that they now have cleaned up Kaoshiung.


They have a bit. I agree. The pollution used to be quite, quite bad. The Love River is much better now - there is some outdoor seating and a new museum along the river by Wu Fu 4 road.

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Guys and gals, now back to my topic.

We left Eckernfoerde because the holidays of my daughter came to an end.

We spent one weekend in Hamburg and then returned back home to Duesseldorf.


For more than 14 days we have a heat wave in Germany. The last 3 or 4 days we had 30 to 34 degrees in Duesseldorf. Fantastic!

Hot sunshine, sometimes in the evening by a fierce thunderstorm with a lot of rain, but the next day very warm again, dry and sunny. Great!

Our old district Oberbilk in Duesseldorf celebrated in the last 4 days “Schuetzenfest und Volksfest†= “shooting match, the annual rifle and folk festivalâ€.

Is that the correct translation, Flashermac?


Here are some pictures from the fairground.





With some friends having some beers.


Father and daughter strolling together on the fairground. Enjoying some drinks, good German music (= Schlager), and the relaxed atmosphere of our Düsseldorf borough.




Today, Tuesday 11. of August 2015:

After heavy rainfalls during the night a wonderful day is coming up. Sunny and warm.


Live from Düsseldorf

Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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