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Favorite After Dark Girl

Take your pick of After Dark girls from their gallery.  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Which After Dark Girl(s) would you go for? (choose as many as you'd do)

  2. 2. OK just 9 more of them.

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Well, it seems as if everyone who was going to vote has voted.


To me it looks like a clear victory for Vun. (Mind you, I think this photo is a bit dated and Vun is 47 now. )


Vun does seem to be the closest to standard beauty in this lineup. Not too skinny, a bit curvy but not heavy at all, pretty face, definitely a femme fatale look to her, actual boobs. It looks like she has a pretty hard body, always a plus.


If I had to pick one, it would be Nana Girl #3 though. On my first view I thought she was actually Vun, mainly due to the Angel Witch getup (right?) but then when I got a closer look I saw it's a whole different and even more gorgeous girl. That super-slim shape is a thing for me, for sure, and I'm willing to overlook the lack of boobs when it's made that well. Pu is another one like that, looks like only I voted for her. Granted she has scary hair and probably piercings and that kind of thing, but what a vixen. Anyway, those would be my top 3: Nana 3, Vun and Pu, in that order, though maybe Pu could be 2nd for me.


I have to say, I totally don't get 3 people picking Jan, the last one. What am I missing? Explain.

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These photos, I believe, are from issues of the magazines from its whole time of circulation, so going back to 2005 or so. So some of these pictures may be that old. I wouldn't go out looking for these girls, if they are still there they're likely to be mamasans by now. It's possible some of the pics are recent though. I have no idea.


Man, in the past in this forum, surveys like this prompted discussion of our various tastes in girls. This time, just one comment (other than mine) about "bogger than overage tits" and that's it. Bummer.

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