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Dna Testing In Bangkok


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the results in favor of who ever pays ?


This is what I'm worried about... probably a little paranoid on my side, but the mother is a master at ensuring favorable outcomes, and a wizard of manipulation, so... taking precautions. Multiple tests, and I'm not telling her where we're doing it until the day of the test - just want to be as confident as I can be in the outcome.

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You can do it at: Siriraj Hospital or at the Police HQ on Rama 1 Road (at one of the office buildings entered from the Henri Dunant Road side). In each of these cases you'd need to be comfortable speaking Thai otherwise you'll need a Thai with you.


Alternatively, Bumrungrad used to offer a service whereby they assign a nurse to you and you are taken across the river to Siriraj and it is all done there, with Bumrungrad effectively acting as an agent for you, handling everything and reporting the results - and adding on their fee, naturally.


Yeah, that still seems to be the Bumrungrad M.O. - check in and pay them, and then do the tests at Ramathibodi Hospital - the lady I talked to at Bumrungrad was helpful, she said don't do it through them, just go direct to Ramathibodi. I've got a mutual friend of both the mother and I to help with language, etc, so that shouldn't be a problem.


My plan is to do a Thai hospital test, as well as use one of the labs that take the samples for shipment to USA - I'll be a bit more comfortable receiving my report from a US-based lab, I think. In this age of instant results, it's disappointing to here that Ramathibodi results may take two months or more - though I hope the US results are provided much more quickly.


Of all the things - including medical care - easily available in Thailand, odd that they have a restrictive and slow paternity test system! You'd think it'd be in the country's interest to ensure prompt, accurate DNA testing is available.


Off to Thailand shortly - though with much more trepidation than any prior trip!


Thanks for inputs - YimSiam

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Then things have changed.


Seems they have - fast and cheap in US, UK. Apparently just takes two days for the processing, plus the shipping in of samples, and some admin time - the companies that use US labs from Thailand say 5-7 days, with notification by email. I guess it must be slower in Thailand because it's only the forensics institutes of govt outfits, and they're pretty busy doing DNA for all elephants, select Burmese criminal suspects, and bizarre Japanese surrogacy enterprises -- no room left on the priority list for guys like me, who after a few years has suddenly decided it's absolutely urgent for me to get a definitive answer on paternity... I suppose it's better to keep off the top priority lists - as you're either dead, about to be in very hot water that'll make you wish you were dead, or you're a pachyderm being held as a pet or performer, of dubious parentage to boot...

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