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This was copy and pasted  from summer 2008, right? hehehehe

The term 'crash' is a big, broad term. You may be thinking apocalyptic, The Walking Dead sans zombies. A bit of clarity needed on my part perhaps. I'm not saying that. I'm simply parroting some of the most noted independent economic minds, traders who have made their wealth and their business to anticipate such things. I spent a number of years in the financial industry (not that it makes me an expert) and trade on the side so I have to keep up with what the experts are saying. 

These are not opinions but from these folks studying and crunching financial data. There hasn't been a major crash that the general public knew was coming it always hit the general public by surprise. 

Finally, many things are repeated and in America specifically we are repeating things that helped bring in the last one. What the media and the government doesn't talk about is that America came dangerously close to being in a full blown depression in 2008. It's called The Great Recession because it was close to being a depression and was avoided through a lot of unprecedented government input at the expense of our collective taxes and we never really recovered. 

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