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Gov't Threatens to Fine Foreigners Who Don't Wear Facemasks


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6 hours ago, Coss said:

Could it be that Thai people are less likely to spread there virus, due to their well known hand washing, fastidiousness?

And appropriate use of Amulets?

No, but Thais, and Asians on a whole, are less likely to spread it due to not shaking hands or hugging, the spread, in Thailand at least, is mainly due to confined living and inability to social distance, it has affected the poorer end of society more than. the Hi-So’s, hence the reason why the Government don’t give a shit.

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7 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

I support the idea that anybody not wearing a mask should be fined, as much as I support the idea to have anybody pay for his hospital bill if infected and not vaccinated. Assuming anybody can get a vaccination if he wants.

I do not support the idea that a possible outbreak should be related to some foreigners between millions of Thais.

" The government’s pandemic response center said the country is at the risk of another coronavirus outbreak because some foreign visitors are failing to follow disease control measures, like wearing facemasks in public."


Nothing new Anuntin said as much over 18 months ago

Yoi. Just know by now that Foreigners are to blame for everything that goes wrong in Thailand 

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