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Current situation in Pattaya


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A question for the local expats and those who are currently on the ground.
What is the current situation in Pattaya?

It is clear that it is the rainy season and Pattaya is often under water.
It is also clear that this is the low season.
Corona measures have been scaled back in all countries.
It is again easy to enter Thailand for several weeks or even months.

What is the situation in Pattaya?
What about the Chinese tour groups?
What about the holidaymakers from India, Pakistan etc.?
What about the Koreans and Japanese?
Are there any Western holidaymakers on site? Men travelling alone, married couples, smaller groups?
What about the old white men of retirement age?
Are they still a nuisance, plague?

Live from Biergarten Stoffeln in Düsseldorf  -  it is raining!! long lasting abundant rain - Thank God!
14. September 2022 - 4.50 pm

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