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Gulf Air Biz - Bahrain To Bkk

08 June 2017 - 20:09

Anyone flown Bahrain to Bangkok on Gulf Air's business class recently?  Decent seat, am I going to get some sleep?  Getting a bit confused looking at skytrax and Gulf site - and don't feel like finding myself in an old school chair on my way to town, even more so dragging my hungover self back to work after a week of holiday...  Price is right, hope the service is too.

cheers, YimSiam

Info On Depression And Treatment In Thai?

08 April 2017 - 16:04

Any of you geniuses able to direct me to some good information about depression and treatment with anti-depressants, in Thai language?  Have a friend who is clearly depressed, and self medicating with alcohol and so on, but cannot bring herself to go to a doctor and ask for a prescription to try some SSRIs/antidepressants.  Any help to direct her to Thai language explanation would be appreciated!

Thanks, YimSiam

Dna Testing In Bangkok

07 January 2017 - 12:51

Anyone here have recent experience or knowledge of DNA testing in Bangkok?  Seems I have need to go and check the paternity of a young girl with features rather similar to my own... The birthday and blood type match, but I will of course only be at full ease (if one can call it that) once the DNA has been confirmed (and yes, I suppose, reconfirmed by a second test... can never be too careful...).  

Any advice on where to go for a reliable test carried out with integrity?  What's required - blood from both myself and the child, I guess?  Cost is not a consideration, just want to be confident there's not a mix up (or, my conspiracy-minded self whispers, influence in the process).  And how long does it take?  Result is conclusive, or still leaves room for doubt?

Many thanks.


Cheering In Thai - "su Su!"

22 May 2015 - 10:16

Great Thai-speaking minds of the Board, your help please:

I have in recent years found myself drawn to that greatest of Thailand's national sports, the true unifier to which all Thai hearts adhere, which offers a happy way to spend my afternoons in bed in constructive and edifying pursuit:  watching the Thai women's volleyball team on the tube.

Also, I should say that I have on occasion found myself engaged in energetic results-oriented bed-based multiple-player physical activity, where perhaps one or two of the support staff are inclined to cheer along encouragingly, urging me to that inevitable goal-line.

And what I hear is something like this:  "Su su!"  There's a kind of supportive raising of the fists that goes along with it.  It sounds virtually the same as what my former Swahili-speaking assistance used to say when she had to go to the toilet - "can we stop for five minutes so I can su su?"  But the meaning, I think, is different.

So, Thai language gurus, what is this 'su su' I think I hear?  What does it mean, how is it used, and how does one write it in Thai?  

Thanks in advance.  

YimSiam :wink:

Can She Know I Arrived In The Country?

25 April 2015 - 10:02

Gentlemen, the last two times I flew into Suvarnabhumi this year, I got a call on my depressing, sturdy and featureless $20 Nokia within about fifteen minutes of slipping in my Thai SIM.  Lady from a bar, no advance notification of my arrival, she says she just had a feeling I might be back and wanted to see if my phone was on.  No evidence that she's been doing the same every hour of every day for the last couple months, calling me to see if the phone is on.  

Two times, with such promptness - leads me to ask: is there a way she can know if I have come into the country and activated my SIM in my phone?  If she'd need my phone to do that, sure she's been alone with it many times - but it's just your basic not-smart Nokias, no features beyond calls, SMS, calculator, and bottle opener (it's all in the angle, and using leverage, of course.)

Any one else have this happen often?  Uncanny knowledge of arrival, after months away?  Before I even got to Immigration?

Please don't tell me I'm going to have to fall back on a variety of 'oh my Buddha, she black magic phone you!"