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  1. Dose anyone know where to find Vietnamese nuoc mam fish sauce in Bangkok? I'm looking for the real thing - Red Boat or Three Crabs (or Five Crabs). Preferably, 40 or 50 "degree" concentation. Thanks! SS
  2. A night to remember: http://gfycat.com/WatchfulAlarmedHorseshoecrab#
  3. I wonder if he remembered to pay his bill, before he was carried off, comatose? Famous last words" "Only twelve more to go"...... http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/europe/68954189/bartender-sentenced-after-man-drinks-56-shots-and-dies The 56-year-old Renaud Prudhomme broke the shots record in the Clermon-Ferrand bar, drinking 56 shots in one sitting. This included 30 'shooters' - a straight shot of spirits or a hard mix - in just under a minute. Each shooter included between 20ml and 40ml of hard alcohol, meaning Prudhomme drank at least a litre of spirits. Crepin told Prudhomme "only 12 to go" as he neared the bar's existing record of 55.
  4. There is another famous video about Germaine Yeap - but from real life: https://youtu.be/XnHuwqo6WEA
  5. For some reason, I am suddenly unable to post a video. Hmmmmm.
  6. That would be the New York Steakhouse. I was hosted there a couple of times over the years. Impeccable service. Left a vapor trail of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - but I was a guest off others. El Gaucho food is fully comparable - but venue is more casual. Cheers! SS
  7. Ate there last night with a British friend. Identical menu to Soi 19 version. Outstanding service - all Filipino - excellent food, and the same $$$$$$$$$$$$ as the Soi 19 original. SS
  8. Apparently, the battle royale was about one particular aspect of "territory" - that being the right to wear a "bottom rocker" underneath the main club emblem on the back of each members vest, with the name of the state on it (in this case, the "Texas" bottom rocker). Evidently, in each state, only the dominant motorcycle club in that state is allowed to feature the state's bottom rocker on their vest. Other mc clubs may operate within the state - after obtaining permission from the dominant club - but no club other than the dominant one may wear the state bottom rocker. So - anyway - for decades, the Bandidos have been the dominant mc club in Texas. Recently, the Cossacks have expanded to the point where they felt they could challenge the Bandidos to state dominance - and thereby had their members add the "Texas" bottom rocker to their vests. This basically guaranteed a showdown between the two clubs - battling for top dog position. The Sunday shootout was brought about as soon as someone on one side found some excuse - any excuse - to challenge someone on the opposing team. Assuming that both clubs continue to wear the Texas bottom rocker, the "war" is not yer over. Peace will only return once one side admits subservience to the other. SS
  9. What a travesty of a decision. Mayweather spent 45% of the match up against the ropes, or in a corner, getting beat upon (admittedly, with few scoring blows) by Pacquiano, and another 45% of the match running away from Pacman, and maybe 10% of the match doing anything else. 'Sorry spectacle. SS
  10. Greetings Gents (and the occasional Lady) - 'Just wanted to advise those who might be interested that a plague of CryptoLocker malware is making the rounds - evidently with Thais specifically targeted - because this is ransomeware infection, and the ransom instructions were in Thai language!!!! My second Thai company was hit om 29 April. This malware evidently arrives as an e-mail attachment. Once that attachment is opened, the malware not only infects the host computer - it also infects all other computers in the LAN - I suppose through the router. The way it works is, it encrypts all files on the computer - including all e-mail attachments and .pst Outlook files. It then adds a second file extension to the file name - a sin docx.encrypt or .xls.encrypt - and your computer can then not o[pen the files When you try, you get a ransom screen - telling you to send XXX Bitcoins to designated address, and you will then be sent a key to unlock your files. The only solution (other than paying the ransom) is to wipe your computer clean by reformatting the drives, then reloading the computer with an operating system, and with backup files (which - if they do not exist - means you SOL). Beware!!!! SS
  11. This post is a twofer - displaying rare talent, applied to a couple of different styles: http://youtu.be/nkcm5cT9gGI
  12. Google and Wikipedia are your friends: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Thailand#Mobile_phone_codes_and_IP_telephony
  13. I would suspect that the answer lies in either the WhatsApp or the LIne applications. Your phone may not display these apps - I'm unclear on how "unintelligent" your phone is. But her phone may highlight one of these apps, to show that your local SIM is now activated. All that matters is if - during an earlier visit - your SIM card (and phone number) were enrolled in one of these free programs. Cheers! MS
  14. Looking at http://www.lawreform.go.th/lawreform/images/th/content/en/484/c484_3.pdf - specifically at Section 30 (3) and Section 32 - it would appear that any bar featuring a "happy hour" discount, or displaying any signs with brewery/distillery logo, combined with image of a bottle - is liable to big penalties. This provides an instant "shakedown" license to any cop shop in need of some quick cash. SS
  15. Operators of a Japanese restaurant at Asiatique complex gets fined a whopping 460,000 baht for displaying photos of filled beer glasses on their menu: http://www.stickboybangkok.com/news/asiatique-restaurant-fine-photos-beer-menu/
  16. OK, it's in German - but, anyway - http://z94.com/the-c-string-bikini-is-ushering-in-a-new-age-of-swimwear-picsvid/?trackback=fbshare_top Cheers, SS
  17. This is the one that finally got my attention: https://pbs.twimg.co...AciZn.jpg:large The caption read: "Armed rangers in Sudan guard earth's last male northern white rhino". Think about that. Assholes have killed all but THE LAST FUCKING MALE SPECIMEN of a majestic animal, to satisfy some ridiculous superstition. Then I also saw: http://imgur.com/gallery/ZSYbG5i
  18. What an annoying host/MC/announcer - whatever you call them. I assume that he was a failed stand-up comedian. He seemed to be trying to do a Jim Carey Fire Marshal Bill act.
  19. No, no - here's the perfect wife: http://instagram.com/p/1YXPxsH8To/?taken-by=gilabokep
  20. I remember seeing this one year ago - and cringing at the degree to which it was post on. And now - one year later - the American government has certainly gained ground it its effort to destroy the country. Thank God that Obama is a lazy bastard - I shudder to think of the additional damage he could have caused, had he not spent most of his time golfing, vacationing, partying, fund-raising, and appearing on inane left-wing TV shows. I dare say that Charles Manson - or a bucket full of pond scum - would have made a better president. MS
  21. This looks like me going to a "Santa Fe" steakhouse in Bangkok. it's right up there with "Chester's Chicken" as among the worst knock-offs of US chain eateries.
  22. What is this? Lock up our wives and daughters, and keep the sheep and goats securely leashed?
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    Sieg Heil

    Well, it is definitely from the Leni Riefenstahl school of photography, and photographic composition.
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