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  1. Far canal....we're getting old real quick.....I can still remember your 40th,,,,,Just,,,,555
  2. Thank you Sir. Been really busy...no spare time. Working 6 x 16 hour days and Golf and Beer on Saturday's (day off) Loving country life. We've just started our 6th year here and kickin' ass. Lost contact with most of the old crew....except GOD...DOG....and all the other aka's...555 Spoke with Chappy last month and hope to catch up in November Got a message from expatdude over the weekend and maybe catch up early next month Well it's almost 7 years since the cancer treatment and Duncnut is still alive and kicking.... just proves the old saying.....Only the good die young. Would love to have an old time (r's) reunion in Bangers some time. Still remember the last one at Det 5.... Don't think I've seen you or Mekong since. Getting old by the day...my first 69 in December.....can't wait Still, it ain't all bad when your MIL is 16 years younger than you...LOL Cheers DS / DC
  3. Just logged in for the first time in ages. More than happy to help. PM me for my phone No.
  4. new rule....Coin toss...Heads, Tails or Head Butt.....LOL
  5. Hi guys....really sad that I can't make it tomorrow....still recovering from Kong's 40th....555555....Farrrrkkkk is it that long ago....gettin' old Bro Cav...please pass on my very best wishes to Tom Hope you guys have a really great day....have 1 or 3 for me Cheers DS / DC
  6. WRONG BuBi ...If my old memory serves me well KS is a "Pepsi" man Cheers DS / DC
  7. Is that Drool.....or Dribble?? 555
  8. Is that those guys we met last year??? The ones with their walkers parked next to 7/11\ Remember.....they would not let share a beer 'cos ours weren't in brown paper bags....LOLOLOLOL
  9. 55555....you talkin' bout me boy...... I'm told there are a few that are not pased their use by ode....but I wouldn't know
  10. Sure is mate. hope you're keeping well. We moved since last time you were here, No Guest rooms any more but better location and building. Fast coming up 4 years in Nong Khai ...tine flies ! All is well here...a great lifestyle.....new restaurant has some stunning photo's hanging on the walls Stop by next time you're going "over the eiver" Cheers DS / DC
  11. Airport mini bus ....Udon airport to NK is 200 baht door to door, Going back 150, but leaves from depot, not door to door pick up. Approx 50 minutes each way. Would love to catch up again...It's been a long time since Bradman's
  12. G'day mate, hope so....Might even give me an excuse to cross the River. Hope you're both keeping well. Give our love & best wishes to the Boss Cheers DS
  13. Just to conform....all details are now correct on Trip Advisor, Facebook & Google maps Jing Joe Nong Khai\ Cheers all
  14. Mate, will be great to see you. Looking forward to catching up on all the goss.... I'll put a botten of Jack aside for the celebrations Cheers DS / DC
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