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  1. Yes, my mistake. Well done, shrimp. Other than Flash, the most recent poster in that thread hasn't even signed in for almost 3 years so your info should be well received. Keep up the good work!!
  2. Can't admit you can't read a date?? For fucks sake, 1/2 the posters in this thread could be dead! And so now I will look forward to you resurrection of all threads dead since all you're tying to to is correct wrong info in threads.
  3. Wow!!!! This must be a record. This thread hadn't been commented on in almost 13 years. UPSer is loooooooooooong gone. Nice guy too.
  4. Maybe she'll wait till after conviction to run.
  5. Echoing the sentiment of others.....typical Thai mentality. Low customer numbers so raise the prices. Thai business 101
  6. Studies show that if you sleep, you will be rested. Does anyone else sleep?
  7. Yesterday I took a walk. Studies show that walking is good for you. Do you take walks?
  8. I like to watch grass grow and then discuss it. Anyone else?
  9. Thailand has very warm weather but sometimes it rains. Is this a good thing?
  10. I remove the lint trap from the dryer after each load and remove all the trapped lint. Is this a good idea? Do all of you do the same?
  11. I cut my fingernails about once every 10 days. Oddly, my toenails don't grow as fast so I do them about every other time. How often do you cut yours?
  12. Look at the case the DVD came in. They have started printing the title on those now. P.S. It seems no one is playing your guessing game.
  13. Should be a non-issue. They will correct it upon check-in
  14. I have never agreed with anyone more. I wish like fucking hell, the US would get the fuck out of every country we occupy and put all resources blown on the rest of the world into domestic programs.
  15. This crap song is so bad that it actually might make William Hung sound good.
  16. So it's okay to go to the police when you don't receive payment for an illegal activity? Well.....this is good to know. I will now go to the police anytime some whore renegs on a long time but still wants long time money. I'm very sure I'll receive justice now.
  17. Nope......and I still don't from your link. From your title, I would have assumed you'd have included a picture. Silly me.
  18. Because who the hell wants the same steak every night?
  19. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.†-Dr. Seuss
  20. Personally, I somewhat agree with you. But to just throw charts and graphs up is no argument. I also found a graph. There are graphs to suit anyone's needs.
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