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The regular bus service got me from Patts to Swampy in under an hour and a half on my last trip - granted, waiting for the shuttle bus to the bus station is boring (late as usual), but it was the cheapest trip to/from Swampy I've ever had. As much as I like the idea of the limo-with-two-girls-in-the-back service, when I stagger out of a long-haul flight I really just want to get to the hotel and take a shower. Given the Thai obsession with cleanliness, those must be some seriously 'dirty girls' indeed ..... :yikes:

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Since it can take an hour to get to Swampypoom, what would be the advantage of flying there - except for those Pattaya bound who arrive at the airport? I can fly to Singapore in the time it takes me to get to Swampypoom!


But to fly to Singapore you have to get to Swampypoom. :confused:

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