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This area of the board is for members to report on their trips to Thailand and, to a lesser extent, Southeast Asia. They are here for ALL to enjoy and for anyone to post who would like to do so (within the board rules stated as to what is allowed to be posted here of course). Please read the board rules before posting in this forum.


These stories and trip reports are here with all of their problems, misadventures and the sometimes foolish behavior of the original posters, along with all the amusing, interesting, informative and moving things that can happen to a person on their trips to Thailand. We wish to encourage members to post their trip reports here, and with that in mind we would ask other members to refrain from 'publicly' rebuking / chastising the posters on what 'they' and others may consider to be foolish behavior.


As long as the poster is within the board rules we feel that for anyone else to impose their moral values, health precautions, and personal values on the original poster is not in the best interest of the board and this forum. No one is forced to read the trip reports. You are free to pick and choose who and what to read here, or not to read in here at all.


If you find a poster?s attitude and/or writings here obnoxious, repulsive, foolish or even stupid we would appreciate it if you would voice these opinions in a PM to the writer/member rather than expressing them here on the open board.


Here below is a copy of this board?s rule against flaming. Read it carefully, as replies to the original posters in the Trip Reports here that fall within the parameters of this anti-flame rule will be held to this rule and the Board Moderator will ensure infractions of this rule will be monitored and appropriate measures of editing and deleting (up to and maybe including the banning of members not adhering to this board rule) of the posts will be applied vigorously.

If you don?t like what you are reading, then please, do not read it. Flaming in any form will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with something written here then bring it up with the original poster in a Private Message, or with the Board Moderator or the Board owner at sanuk@nanaplaza.com.


Please read the copy of our flaming policy below:




Flaming is NOT tolerated! It is an absolute certain way of getting banned from the board.


Definition of flaming; an abusive or personally insulting message. This includes insulting or inflaming remarks concerning the character, or personality, of another poster. It also includes innuendos, snide remarks, and any overtly negative connotations towards a fellow board member.


You can disagree with a poster's message, but an attack personally on the poster him/herself will result in a deleted post and/or banishment from the board, depending on severity of offense.


There are very likely posters on this board with different beliefs than your own. Please respect those beliefs, even if you don't agree with them.



Thank you,


The Board Moderator

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