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bkk chronicles 02


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who?s really in the fishbowl, you or the girls?

I wake up with vigor after last nite?s strange happenings. Like I mentioned, the sex was actually outstanding, just the end resulted badly. I just need to learn how to say, "I?m coming" audibly. tongue.gif" border="0 I have the complimentary breakfast at majestic and decide to give ranger a call on his mobile. He said he was at coffee world, which was like 10 feet from the hotel. There I meet up with ranger and G. We introduce and acquaint ourselves a bit and they say they?re headed to CP2 massage parlor. They ask if I wanted to tag along. of course!

We take the skytrain to umm? I forgot. Once we get to CP2 I immediately spot the fishbowl to my left. This is bit disconcerting to say the least. When is the last time you had 50+ girls all staring at you, wondering whether you?ll choose them or not? Ranger spots a cutie that he seen before, about an 8. He then mentioned that she might be pissed at something he?s done which he can?t remember. We stand around for about a minute and G decides to give the 8 a try. We head to the table to wait for the girl. When she arrives, she makes a small grin and ranger says, "yes, you see me before." The girl nods sheepishly. G and the girl head off, while ranger and I try to find our counterparts. Ranger says that he?s a bit tired and thinks he?s gonna take an oil massage girl with no extras.(ya right!) I spot a cutie, about a 7 and half and chose her. I pay for a VIP room at the cashier and we head off to the room. Once in the room we get some drinks and she turns the water on for the tub. I find out that this girl(noi02) speaks almost zero english and my thai consists of don?t want and that hurts. mental note: learn/study thai! She washes me in the tub and herself and we get on the bed. It was a pretty big circular bed. We start fooling around and when her mouth started to roam down, she began to grab a condom. I motion no condom please and say mai ow, while pointing at the condom. She understands and grudgingly proceeds. Unlike the other night, this girl wasn?t that great at smoking. We then proceed to the boom boom. The boom boom was pretty good, nothing mindblowing but still a lot better than an opinionated farang lady. Once finished, we washed up and sat on the bed. Trying to communicate with sign language is frustrating as hell. Well about an hour and half had already gone by so I decided to head back out to the lobby. I tipped noi02 400baht and hugged her bye.

I sit at the table and once again facing the fishbowls. Again there are smiles and gestures towards me to choose another one. Hehe, only if I had power perhaps. G comes out in about 5 minutes and said that his session was outstanding. He says the girl told him that ranger did something that pissed her off before, I forgot exactly what. Hmmn, was it the "oops, I mistakenly entered the wrong hole? Oh well it feels nice so I?ll stay here." tongue.gif" border="0 Funny guy that guy! Ranger finally comes out after taking the FULL two hours and says that his session ended with extras. For the most part he got an oil massage but the girl easily convinced him otherwise I believe. I guess the guy can?t ever pass up a "smoke".

We head back to nana to majestic to freshen up and decide to have the dinner buffet at Landmark since ranger had a discount card. I must say, the food at Landmark was excellent! Sure, maybe not as good as some Vegas hotels, but good nonetheless. There we decide to head to cowboy after dinner.

First we hit midnite. It?s a relatively small and cozy go-go. We were the only ones there at the time, about 8:00pm I think. There were mostly 6?s and 7?s. Several girls jump next to ranger on the couch. It seems they all know him(this is gonna be a re-occurring thing at most of the go-gos. damn that guy gets around!) After about 20minutes we decide to hit Long Gun. This place was totally packed! So packed that we decide to head to Rawhide since we didn?t want to hassle.

dude looks like a lady?

We get to rawhide and was pretty unoccupied. The girls were from 6?s to 7?s and even a rare 8. We park ourselves there for awhile. Again, a couple girls recognize ranger and tackle his pale white butt! Me and G look around the stage and I spot this girl with an amazing body. I?m talking almost perfection. Soft in all the right places and firm in others. She also had a pretty cute face, perhaps a face that?d attract a lot of japanese actually. I decide to buy her a drink. The girl(lek01) was kinda on the shy side. She didn?t speak too much but latched onto me very close, it felt really comfortable. Now I?m thinking, hmmn maybe this is the one for tonite when ranger leans over and says, "don?t freak out, I may be wrong but there is a slight chance that she?s a he." houston, we have a problem Of all the crappy odds. I immediately begin the checks. Hands: almost half the size of mine Adam?s apple: undetectable Voice: feminine and no low tones. Face: this is where there might?ve been some ambiguity. she really did look different. she had a very light complexion and almost chinese quality. Ranger leans over and asks her in thai where she?s from. She tells him up north. He asks where north, she says near chiang mai. He sits back and is befuddled. After a bit he leans again and tells me, "ok, I?m 99% sure she?s a real girl." Hmmn, okie dokie. I think to myself, "well, I didn?t even have the thought enter my brain about her gender until ranger mentioned something, maybe I should give it a go."

Ranger and G decide to do some more "reconn" and want to check some other bars. I kinda didn?t wanna let lek01 go, so I decide to barfine her and tell her I?d be back after an hour or two. If I found something better I?d be out 500baht.($11.00) We head over to Tilac which is a really nice go-go. We don?t spend too much time there. We then head to Baccara. Somehow, we managed to get ushered up to the 2nd floor and with a girl for each of us. The girl I was "assigned" with was pretty affectionate and was about a 6. G was sitting alone because his girls turn at the upskirt dance stage was up. The girls were in a schoolgirls outfit, very naughty G! After 30minutes I decide to pick up lek01 and head back to the hotel. G and ranger decide on checking out nana. I walk towards rawhide and find lek01 waiting outside for me in her street clothes. She tells me that she didn?t think that I?d be back since there were so many pretty ladies in cowboy. I smile and we hail a taxi and head to majestic.

Once we get to my room we cuddle for awhile and watch tv. Lek01 then gets up and undresses. wow! Did I mention this girl had an amazing body? Once we were finished showering we got on the bed and had some passionate foreplay. We got pretty worked up and I began the boom boom. Thinking back, during the boom boom, I had no doubts on whether lek01 was a he or she. She was a she at that moment. After about 2 hours of foreplay and boom boom I finish exhausted. I asked her if she wanted to stay LT, she said not tonite but tomorrow. I agree and said, ok I see you tomorrow. She gets dressed, leaves her cell number and we decide to meet each other at emporium 6:00pm the next nite.


The next day, G and I decide to get a traditional thai massage. Ranger is off to spend some "quality" time with his GF for a week. We head to the massage place(forgot name, I?m really really bad with names) and I?m assigned this extremely small girl, about 5'1" or so. Initially the massage was very soothing, a bit on the hard side though. G and I shoot the shit about this and that, getting better acquainted and such. All of a sudden this voice booms over. QUIET PLEASE! Ummm, wtf? We say, huh? QUIET PLEASE! Ok, why the fuck does a person even say please when they?re basically yelling at us in a threatening tone?! G then says, "NO WE WON?T BE QUIET" in defiance. The voice then says, YOU DON?T COME TO MASSAGE TO YAK YAK YAK! Now this bastard hasn?t even got undressed for the massage and just got there. G and I have been conversing at a relatively quiet volume due to the relaxing massage anyways. Hell, even the masseuses we had were conversing with each other. Then he says, I GO! I DON?T COME TO MASSAGE TO YAK! G says GO OLD MAN! The old bastard leaves mumbling incoherently. If that old bastard had opened our curtain, I would drop kicked the arrogant sonofabitch?s ass no matter his age. Well, we find out from the girls that the old fart has been here before and had berated other customers. Only then, the customers would shy away and become quiet. They said that we were the first ever to talk back to the bastard. Good riddance!

After the massage me and G parted ways and I headed back to the hotel to freshen up. I took the skytrain to emporium(skytrain rules! it?s just like BART!) and feel like an idiot because I couldn?t get the payphone to work in there. I was supposed to call Lek01 once I got to emporium. I lucked out, lek01 just arrived and grabbed me! Thank jeebus, the embarrassment is over. We decide to go check out a movie at emporium. Hmmn, only two movies showing at our current time, Evolution which looked really really stupid and a thai movie, Jan Dara. I say what movie you want to watch? She says, "up to you"(I gradually learn to hate this phrase of "up to you")*** I decide on Jan Dara. Ok, Jan Dara is one F?ed up movie. It?s like a greek tragedy with roman perversion. Hell, if all the characters died in the end as a true greek tragedy would, it?d be a good start. The movie is basically contains incest, rape, child abuse, mindfucks, etc... It put me in a weird mood afterwards.

After the movie we were a bit hungry and I ask lek01 what you want to eat? Up to you. @#$% I then say, lets goto a good thai resteraunt. She nods and we hail a taxi to an upscale resteraunt. Again, the name eludes me. I probably need bring a pen and notepad along with me at all times perhaps. The resteraunt was filled with thai yuppies and maybe 1 or 2 farangs. The food was pretty good and ended up being about 600baht. After dinner we hed back to the hotel. Another spectacular session. Once finished, I layed back then all of a sudden, "I?m 99% sure she?s a girl" pops in my head. I wasn?t freaking out or anything, but I just couldn?t get that out of my mind.

1. Either plastic surgeons in bangkok have progressed to the level of high artisans or

2. I lucked out with an extremely beautiful girl which I could easily get infatuated with.

Both of those choices were pretty much not what I wanted so early into my trip. I then decide to cut lek01 loose. The next morning I tell her I?d call her again because I was gonna hang out with my friends that day. Ok, did I have sex with a katoey or a girl? I?m not absolutely sure of which. I don?t know if I want to know either. I live in the SF bay area. I?m pretty understanding and open to the whole gay lifestyle. I just choose not to partake. If somehow I inexplicably had sex with a katoey, so be it. If I did, I had amazing sex with a work of art.

Sorry about my naming the girls lek?s or noi?s. I seriously forgot all the girl?s names. Sometimes I just didn?t pay attention or I couldn?t decipher it. I figured most I?d see only once anyways.

***the "up to you" rant

I?ve learned to really hate this phrase. Everytime I hear it, it reminds me of the fact that I?m on paid-for time. Sorry for being a silly fuck but at times I like deluding myself into thinking that some experiences are genuine in every facet. Once I hear "up to you", it crashes that. Also, when asking simple things like; what movie you wanna watch, what you want to eat, where do you want to go, what do you want to do, all being answered with up to you. It makes an impersonal wall between you and the girl. You are at a dead end when trying to learn more about the girl?s personality. Heck, I want at least a trickle of the girl?s opinions. Obviously not the likes of farang women where that?s ALL you ever hear, their opinions. Hmmn, I dunno whether I should say, "I hope you all are enjoying my reports". I?m just following through to what I said I?d do on the board. Thanks for any comments you may have. smile.gif" border="0

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Keep up the good work. I love the newbie reports. They bring me back to my first times there. Always fun to read. You're doing great. And keep with the open and honest reports. It's good to hear the opinions of a newbie actually articulated. Don't anything hold back. I look forward to your next reports.


p.s. I think Ranger may be busting your chops with the katoey stuff. Don't worry about it. :-)

p.p.s. On the "up to you" stuff. Don't sweat it. If a lady says that to me I would think if the lass would possibly enjoy what I was proposing we do. If I think it's likely I'd just do it. One tip, they all mostly like to show a new guy around their country. Tourist stuff such as the temples is a good way to see the city sights, and most of the girls enjoy it.

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Originally posted by Smittyjp:

Great reports, keep'em coming! I love to hear "up to you", it's just so Thai and reminds me I'm in charge, which is how it should be, right?




as for the Katoey thing, I have been told real women have an extra something in the rib cage area, that homones and surgery won't change...not sure, anyone know for sure?

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Your Rawhide girl was a girl, I am quite sure. But, you negected to mention that your "girl" in Baccara was not! Since we were in the "diddling" room at the time, maybe I should have let you find that out for yourself the "hard" way-LOL.

The girl at CP2 that was mad at me decided I was a bad boy for wanting an uncovered BJ. Well, I guess I am a bad boy then! You were thinking of a different girl that was mad at me for that other thing!

Can't wait for the next installment, since I missed witnessing it in person as I was off spending "quality time" with my GF.

The Pattaya installment of the story ought to be good as everything that could go wrong for you did!


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Are you serious?! The girl I was with in baccara was a GUY? Ummnn, I(in your favorite yodsak girl's words) neeeevvvvvverrr ever realized that. Even now I'm trying to recollect. My world is crumbling tongue.gif" border="0

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