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4 Days In Pattaya - Day 1


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I love your idea...

"don't those rude asians just piss you off?

I get the back of the seat grabbing a few times, and I retailite by ( you know when its comming) leaning foreward a little and holding the recline button down.

they grab the seat to get up, it flops back, and and if I am lucky they go flopping back into their seat, or someone else.

they learn real fast that way, all I can say is, "must be a bad seat" are you ok?. ( and try not to grin)"


LOL! The last time I was on UA from BKK to NRT I had this guy from Taipei behind me.. I think he had some type of bladder problem, because every :30 her was up to go to the head... I mean EVERY :30 like clock work.. Plus, each time he'd grab my headrest and use it as his prop-up.. Two times he even grabbed to far forward and got my head!

I was marginally pissed... I cornered him outside the head and told him to "knock it off"... Ten minutes later I look back and he's moved five rows back and to the opposite side of the plane! Nice!

I usually don't mide flying with people but this guy was just 'over the top' for me...

A few times back, on a UA trip from ORD-HKG I sat next to a Japanese couple (husband/wife/7 year old daughter)... The little girl just talked my ear off... Just the cutest thing you've ever seen.. I guess it was a rare thing for her to be able to practice english with an true english speaker, not one of those jap-linguish speakers... LOL... I think we read every book she had from cover to cover... It was literally 10 hours of that...

--UPSer laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

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I bet you can't wait to use the seat trick next time you have the chance. but as karma goes, now that you have it, its like insurence, you probably won't need it.


"husband/wife/7 year old daughter)"

definitly, haveing interesting ( or being interesting) seat mates makes time fly.

I have had some nice conversations with ppl on long flights, made the time whiz by.

( usually I sleep about 80% of the time if no one to talk with)

but also had some real "stinkers" sit near me also.

One guy must not have bathed for some time

( think he was actually put on the plane by police or immigration) and the colone he tried to cover it with just made it worse.

Had a filipino or somoaina lady ( on a flight from munich to ankara) next to me breast feeding her kid ( she was so huge, she could have fed the left side of the plane. ( and it was a big plane)

after the baby was done, it proceeded to puke coagulated breast milk all over me.

needless to say, not my idea of a fun time

( although, after reading some posts on this board, I think some guys would pay extra for that smile.gif" border="0 ).

I was on lufthansa one time, sat next to an older german lady. sort treated me like her grand son. her english was pretty good, with thick german accent, and grammer was still arranged in german.

really cracked up when we got dinner with potatoe salad. ( not something I care for)

She noticed I was not trying it and said ( I knew her intention was try it, you'll like it)

but she said. ( in a heavy voice) "you vill try it, und you vill like it."

( almost shit I laffed so hard) she never did get what was so funny,,, but I did try the salad.


sat next to some thai boys ( from a soccor team, going to some playoff I think). the kid next to me had never been on a plane b4 ( maybe even never been in a car till the ridd to the airpost either) he was trying to figure out how to get the seat belt throught the loops of his baggy pants.


had one kid ( chinese) come out of the toilet on a plane, produced a tampax he found in the toiletires droor ( I hope from there anway) and started to use it to shoot spitwadds. ( till his mom fugured out what he was doing).

Pretty soon several other kids decided they had to go to the toilet . ( later in TPE waiting room, there was a spit wadd battle).

( you ever notice the chinese kids with bux are little shits, on the average)

had a friend tell me on a NW flight some time ago ( in tourist class, where the arm rests fold back) the window and center seat were a guy and his gal, she was under the blanket doing more than sleeping. my friend got up to go to the toilet ( and give them some privacy) and the corner of the blanket somehow got tucked into his pants ( dont ask how) and went with him. He claims the girl did not miss a stroke while the blanket was being replaced.

( see what we miss out on in business class)

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