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4 Days In Pattaya - Day 1


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I contemplated not writing a trip report. I didn't enjoy this trip like others I have taken but I thought good or bad trip, its still good to write a report. This was a spur of the moment trip, prompted in part by some threads on this board. A friend I travel with, visits LOS several times a year was already there a week.

Since my last trip in May, I have been working out a little. My stomach was getting a bit too big. Its for my own ego and dating here in the states but also for LOS. BGs would still go with me no matter how fat I am so friends didn't know the logic in my dieting and working out. I can't blame them.

I had a plan for this trip. It would only be a 4 day trip to Pattaya, which was all I could get from my boss on short notice. So I was gonna go in with guns firing and party non stop. Total debauchery. Well, that was the plan at least. I was gonna ask 3 questions.

1. Do you smoke 2. Do you do anal and 3. Do you do 3-somes. Question #1 was non negotiable, 2 and 3 were. I learned to ask for anal from a thread on this board (khun chop me sec tang tud chai mai). I speak very little Thai and the little I know is bar Thai and some of that is probably Laotian, since a lot of the girls speak and use it. Interesting enough, they are usually pretty impressed at the little I know. I was also planning on seeing a couple board members here at the Dollhouse dance contest.

LAX in Los Angeles is a fortified fort since Sept. 11. Rumor has it, it was one of the intended targets if the terrorists could have gotten to it. Getting in past the check points and having to use bus shuttles (curbside drop offs/pick ups are now banned) was probably why they recommended 3 hours leeway for international flights. I am not much of a drinker, a couple sips and I'm drunk. For the long flights I drink a little before hand so I'll be knocked out for most of the trip. A freind who was bringing me to the airport decided to stop off at a couple of the more seedier strip bars in LA. These are in what is called the 'hood'. I got drunk and wasn't paying attention to the girls, just playing pool. I had more drinks at the airport and called a friend of mine from a payphone, and he said I was obvioulsy drunk and talking loudly about some guy who looked supicious and I was going to take it upon myself to bar him from the plane. I did mention, I couldn't handle alcohol didn't I?I was scheduled to be on China Airlines, my first time on that airline, connecting through Taipei. I usually take Cathay Pacific. I enjoy them. China Air was not as good. I met a fellow LOS traveler who ended up sitting next to me and turns out we grew up on the east coast and went to HS near each other. We suspiciously watched anyone who looked like they would blow up a plane. One thing I always experience going to Asia is rudeness on the plane from other passengers. Something always happens. An Asian guy behind me had his socks off and extended his foot on my arm rest! Also, I felt what could have been a foot or a knee in the back of the seat. Everytime he got up to use the restroom he pulled himself up with the top of my seat and always when I was sleeping. This always happens to me. My fellow sanuker got the same treatment from the guy behind him. I got up & gave a polite smile and looked at him to let him know its not cool. It kept happening so I gave what I call my 'ethnic or brother' look, which when translated is 'you move your foot or you get it stuck up you’re a$$ Mfer'. I'm not a violent man (blame my very religious parents for that) and I wouldn't have physically accosted him but I would have cussed him out and acted like a crazy farang (or Kwai Loh—cantonese for farang, since he was Chinese). This is not meant to be stereotypical or prejudical. All cultures have some bad apples. Its just that I get the same every visit to Asia. The older ones, cut in line if there is a long queue. Others are loud and push and kick the seats. I also noticed one thing. The silverware was metal except for the plastic forks. Wouldn't a metal fork be almost as dangerous as a metal butter knife? Oh well.

During my 4 hour layover in Taipei, my fellow sanuker and I met a third LOS traveler who was heading up to the northern provinces. The 4 hour wait passed quickly as the 3 of us talked about many things, sanuking, life, etc. Its interesting but the one thing I always seem to get from acquaintences who travel to LOS when I meet them on airplanes/airports are their curiosity and respect for all peoples and their desire for all peoples to get along. Anyway, I landed in Bangkok, said our good-byes and promises to e mail and I went straight to a taxi to go to Pattaya. The cost is 1,500 baht. I skip Bangkok altogether for the most part nowadays. Long story that I've covered in other posts, but won't delve into here. I have a much better time in Pattaya than I do there.

Here's Johnny!

Its Saturday October 20th. My friend, lets call him Mickey, was waiting for me in the lobby of the Bay Breeze Hotel. My usual spot in Pattaya. He asked if I wanted to rest, I said no, I need a shower then we're off. He knew I didn't want to rest. He's just testing me. If I say 'hell no, lets go' and don't even check in then he knows its going to be a very crazy first day. I always 'get one out of the way' upon arrival. After a sh*t, shower and shave, we're at King Kong, arguably the best BJ bar in Pattaya. A rather chunky BG grabbed me immediately, a 6-7, not a stunner. I asked her her name (khun ti alai) and she said something like 'tit' and I saw her b cups and knew how she got the name. I said, can I have 2 girls and she said 'no problem!' in a manner that said, its your world. A nice looking (8) came up behind me and indicated she would be the 3rd party to this little trio. She had a 'whatever', disinterested look and later my friend said there was another girl who Tit had pointed to but I didn't see her and this girl moved faster to me than she did. Tit got it started and the other girl was kissing on my chest. I had to direct her to the goods and indicated I wanted it done at the same time. She hesitated, a turn off. I mean, this is a BJ bar, correct? Well, start BJing!

Well, Tit took the high road and the other took the low road and I accomplished what I originally intended when I visited the bar.

Mickey and I went up and down a few Soi's to kill some time, grab a little food. I had some unfinished business from my last trip that I had to accomplish. Amongst which was Ploy. She, I and another girl, Lek, had a 3some last time. It was the highlight of my trip. Both gave good head, both gave anal. The funny thing was both didn't want the other to know that they did anal, I ended up doing both of them in front of each other. Ploy was a freaky. The last time, she was fingering the other girl and licking me from the back as I was on Lek doggy style doing her anally. She wasn't great to look at, a 6, 7 at best, but as I learned in my dating life, the stunners come with their own set of problems, one of which is performance. As a young man, I would sacrifice quality/attitude for looks, as I got older that became reversed. Now, I won't go with just anything, but if they are somewhat attractive and can perform, then I'm a happy camper. Ploy worked at a bar near Soi 4, close to King Kong. I was there to set up antoher 3 some. Which she and I discussed via e mail. She was glad to see me and said 'no problem, choose who I wanted'. I told her to choose but she didn't want to. There were some pictures of all the girls in the hallway in the back and she pointed to a girl but that was someone Mickey had at the bar and didn't want to intrude on his territory. She chose another and she was also turning me on with her groping and piddling. I didn't plan on doing anything with her unless there was a 2nd girl. I ended up bar fining her anyway and heading to the short time room in the back. Ploy knows her stuff! After the shower, the first thing she did was turn me over and my side and checked my temperature using her tongue as a thermometer if you know what I mean! She worked her way up the ole balls and bat and by that time she had me in the palm of her hand—literally and figuratively! I put on a condom and put her on her back and we had a great time. I promised to come by as soon as I could to finalize arrangements for our 3some. She talked about how i could do whatever i wanted and i could boom boom her a$$, etc. Oh boy!!

It started raining and I wanted to catch up on another assignment. We stopped by to see Ooh. She is not a great looking girl. At best a 5 on a good day. My buddy discovered her for me. She loves 'chocolate man' and begged him to make the introductions to me on my last trip. She has one other overriding quality that I found out that prompted me to hook up with her. She's bi. In fact, she has a live in girlfriend. Ooh is also loud. Very loud. She is the type you can't take anywhere because she will embarass you. I grew up with girls like that. We used to call them project girls (they lived in housing projects). Ooh is the Pattaya equivalent. I gave her and her girlfriend the wrong room number on my trip in May and didn't get to experience the 3some. I found out on this trip that her girlfriend went back to her farm in Issan. We had emailed each other during the interim since last trip. She had asked for Dr. Dre's Chronic CD. There are actually two so I got both. When I saw Ooh she said she was ready to go but the girlfriend was not in town. I made it clear, this was supposed to be a 3some. She said wait right here. She got a friend from a bar around the corner on Soi 7. We made final plans for later that night around midnight where I would come back and get them.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening bar hopping at some old haunts. I am amazed at the memory of these women. I recall one bar girl who 'do not go with man' who I met briefly for an hour or so in May and she immediately yelled out 'sateeb' (for some reason all the bar girls pronouce Steve as 'sateeb'). The only reason I remembered her is because we took a photo together and its part of the collection I have but if I didn't take the photo I would not have remembered her. With all the hundreds of guys she still immediately remembered me and my name!

As night came and Mickey and I were making our way to Ooh's bar, we went up the gauntlet that is Soi 8 (Soi 7 is almost as bad). For those who have not experienced this, it’s a little overwhelming. The girls littlerally scream and come out into the lane to pull you to their bars. Its like you're a rock star and they are groupies. This is how I got my screen name. Hey Chocolat! I love you chocolat! Some are very curious and point and giggle and when I acknowledge any with a wave or smile they squeal as if its some contest for who can get the Black guy to talk to them and they just won. Its crazy! On a side note, when I chose my screen name for this board I was reminiscing about Soi 8 when I did it and I was smiling....a lot. I regretted choosing it as soon as I was done, I mean, Chocolat Steve?! It doesn't sound right but said what the hell, I'll keep it.

Anyway, there are numerous bars that Mickey and I frequented on those Sois and we caught up with some old friends and as usual, a whole new set of girls have come in and some of the old ones we knew are gone. Mickey and I are soft hearts at times and on occasion if one of our old friends are tired, we'll pay their bar fine and tell them to go home and sleep. They have never asked for money. They know we're butterflies and they give us the scoop on things. We've been told which of the girls love smoking or is bi or whatever. We joke around and have peanut fights (throwing the peanuts at each other). It’s a tedious life, sometimes boring and we like to have fun and bring some fun to a boring day or night at the bar. We joke that we are going to bar fine all them and 'boom boom' them all. There is usually one or two we have ST or LT with but it’s a one time thing as we are true to our butterfly credo so its no hard feelings. If fact, some have brought over new ones to reach under my shorts to feel me up and I guess say 'see what I told you abou this guy?'. We've even helped them with farangs by keeping a conversation going to give the BG time to work on him and chat him up. Most said its been slow for a while now, not as many customers.

Well on to Oohs, I meet Lut again and they ask if we can stop by another bar on Soi 15 near Walking Street. I say 'summai?' (why?). I'm ready for a 2 on 1, not to go so some bar. They beg me and I give Ooh my 'this ainit cool look'. Also, there's a bar near Walking Street I'm trying to avoid, Tik's old bar (more about her later). We take the baht bus and get off on 2nd road so I can avoid Tik's bar. The bar is owned by Oohs old boyfriend and the co-owner or mate of the owner, I wasn't sure which, was Lut's boyfriend for a while. The bar had a confederate flag in it, displayed prominently and amongst the writings on the wall were some swastikas. My comfort level didn't get better when I saw a much tattooed owner with those metal, fantasy dragon types of tattoos over him. His mate had the same. Although it was their bar I offered to buy drinks for all and sit as far away from Ooh and Lut as possible. They were from the Paddington section of London and were nice guys actually. We talked a little about the recent attacks. They played AC/DCs Back In Black Cd while I was there. I disovered later that Ooh had his name tattooed on her, as I was leaving they said 'You're a good bloke, next time ditch the birds, I'll take you to some real randy birds, not as bloody crazy as the ones you got stuck with'. That was nice of them for the offer.

I gave Ooh, the cds, the cost of both was the same price of a LT. I didn't know until afterwards but she was willing to barter the CDs for the LT 3some. I didn’t mind giving her the 1000 baht though. The three some wasn't what I thought it would be. Lut isn't bi. How do I know? While I was doing her doggy style, I told Ooh to play with her and Lut was not having it. Lut did know her way around a d**k though! She stuck her tongue everywhere from the small of my back down and up to the tip of my d**k. She and Ooh, after some direction from yours truly, formed a good team. While doing one, the other kept herself busy doing something to me, licking, rubbing or whatever. It was supposed to be a LT, but Lut made some excuse that she had to leave so Ooh and I could spend time together but would be back. I made it very clear Ooh was not my girlfriend, so did Ooh. It was strictly just sex and a relationship, we were just friends. She left anyway. Whatever. I gave her 500 baht short time money. If she came back cool, if not, sayanara. She actually came back. Ooh and I had gotten to know each other physically since she left. Lut came back and we had some fun morning sex. Me on my back, one sitting on my face and the other sitting on me and riding me. I tried to do Lut anally but she wasn't having it. Ooh, told me later on that she does but didn't want to in front of me. Note to self: unless its the Eden club in Bangkok, you can usually only do girls anally by themselves. Mickey called my room around 10 am., and I told the girls they were welcomed to stay till the afternoon. I gave Ooh 1000 baht and Lut another 500 since she came back. Day 1 is completed….

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Gald you made it back ok. ( but so soon, bummer)

so far your trip sounds better than you make it out to be in the first few lines.

don't those rude asians just piss you off?

I get the back of the seat grabbing a few times, and I retailite by ( you know when its comming) leaning foreward a little and holding the recline button down.

they grab the seat to get up, it flops back, and and if I am lucky they go flopping back into their seat, or someone else.

they learn real fast that way, all I can say is, "must be a bad seat" are you ok?. ( and try not to grin)

waiting for the next installment. hope your idea of bad time is not too bad.

Strange how a bg can get all shy in front of another. maybe they get teased if word gets out. (and one "did it" and the other did not)


did you notice much problem with the new early closing times?


do the restraunts close early also. ( no after bar meals to be had)?

P.S. cathay pacafic is way better than china air imho also. ( I hope you got buss class)

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By the time closing time came around I was involved in a LT however, I did go out after closing a couple times when my possible LT turned into a ST. Some bars were opened. This was in Soi 8. If they had customers or seemed like there was a chance of extra business they stayed open, if not they closed.

Taking it up the ole wazoo is not something the BGs want repeated around the bar apparently so they don't do it in front of other BGs.

I'll have to try that trick with the seat. I think their confidence goes up because there is safety in numbers. It happens both with a mostly Japanese flight when I connect through Tokyo on a JAL, United or Northwest flight as well as Chinese dominated flights via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. As I said before, each culture does things, my statements weren't meant to be derogatory. Try watching a movie in a mostly Black movie theatre.

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Hey! thanks for the feedback. I am really glad to pass on any info I have ( guess this seat pulling is a common thing) I know it is really annoying ( and unnessary)

I hope you all get to use it successfully

( and make sure its not some sumo you do it to) but if you are complained to, just remember to blame it on the seat.


It has been my observation that asians seem to go out of their way to give us ( westerners) little "diggs" like that, or like Steve mentioned crowding in front of a line.

( agin, my theory is they get some points twards "face" by messing with us)

I had some "rude" person jam in front of me in Hkt airport checkin just to ask some question, plunked his bag right down on my foot.

really pissed me off, and annoyed the other ppl in line ( mostly ppl on tour I think, always in a hurry)

while he was trying to get info. (totally wrapped up in the conversation) I put his bag on the scale/passthrough. it got tagged and put on the belt.

when I left, he was still trying to sort it all out.

Something I wonder about> anyone else notice this?

now that Ramadan ( sp?) is comming, you notice a lot of "beleivers" in the airport carrying bags of bottled water?

I seems they use it in the toilet rather than the sprayer, and the floors seem to be really wet all the time. ( and ugh!! noticed some "chunks" on the floor in the stall a few times)


NO fun to be sitting there and trying to keep ur pant leggs out of it all.


on planes a few times I have even had some ppl behind me so bold as to eithe raise or lower the shade on my window. The only retalation I have come up with is to raise or lower it when they are not expecting it, but not too fair for the other ppl in the area.

From what I have seen on flights, most of the ppl don't seem to have flown much before.

you know the ones, as soon as the plane touches down, slows, they jump up and get their stuff out of the bins. ( even when there is a long way to go) funny the ones that are standing in front of their seats with their necks bent waiting to get in the isle.

I don't know if it fate or what ( maybe revenge of the gods for my wicked life)

but at least once per long haul flight, I always seem to be the next in line for the toilet after some really old lady with sever gastro intentional problems was in there, and tried to cover up the stench with even worse perfume. ( too bad they don't have air masks avalable in the toilets).

any one else got pet peeves?>

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Okay Guys...a little input from your Asian-American friend. I agree completely!!! most Chinese (i.e. Taiwan, Hong Kong types) are very rude. I think it's more because of their upbringing vs. intentionally being rude to the white guy, most will do it to their own just as quickly. If you've ever traveled to their neck of the woods, you'd see it everywhere. People just don't seem to have the concept of standing in lines, who ever pushes their way to the front wins. Ever see them pile into elevators? seems like one of those clown cars where they just keep coming out. It's like the capacity limit is a challange. I've seen them looking around in confusion while the overweight limit buzzer was going off, as more tried to get in. And loud, it's like they can't talk in a normal conversational voice.

Sorry for ranting...just remember not all Asians are like that and you can't always tell by the way they look who's who.

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CS -- Did you sleep at all the entire time you were there? Wow, you are an athelete!

Regarding annoying airline passengers, what about children! Love 'em, but not on a long flight.

Last time I flew from Bkk to NY, I was assigned a seat next to a mom w/ a screaming baby. This was before the plane took off, so I told the attendant that I had to move. She informed me that there were a few empty seats. I hopped up and tried to scope out which one would be best as they were all out of earshot of the screaming baby. The plane started to move and I needed to make a quick decision. I made the wrong choice, right in front of an overactive 8 yr old boy, who kicked the back of my seat intermittently for the entire flight, half way around the world!!!

I was awoken many times and frequently stood up to tell his mother in sign language, "I am annoyed, please make him stop". Once I had to wake her up for this performance. That was somewhat satisfying. The kid really never did stop. I even resorted to stretching my arm behind the seat to swat his foot. A truly miserable flight. BTW, I was on Korean Air and those people do fart a lot.

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Alholk: I agree Bay Breeze has gone down a bit. I used to stay at the Diana Inn, an earshot away. I ate their for breakfast (80 baht all you can eat) and it has improved. The problem is no lift, you have to climb the stairs. The a/c in Bay Breeze always seems to go on high blast and I have to choose between tropic heat or artic temperatures.

GatLos: I definitely do not stereotype all Asians and I must agree with you that we shouldn't pre-judge. Its a cultural thing for some. Hong Kong reminds of NYC, very loud, pushy, etc. NYers are known to be loud also but its not the rule, there are people who act the opposite of the stereotype.

Mr. Lucky: I was worn out by Day 3. I catch catnaps and all my escapades caught up with me. I was in a state of perpetual tiredness. Also, unruly children are the worse. It seems that every parent thinks 'its just cute' how they act and that every one should feel the same. My Jamaican parents would spank first ask questions later. As far as the farting on Korean Air, I'll note that next time I decide on an airline (lol).

I travel coach and am seriously considering trying to upgrade despite the costs.

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