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4 Days In Pattaya - Day 3 & 4


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Day 3 starts like most days for Mickey and I, one of us calls the other's room after our LT, we excuse whomever we have as company and meet downstairs for breakfast and re-hash the previous night's escapades. Then its usually off to the internet cafe. I'm planning to lie to my boss about missed planes, visa problems, anything so that I can stay the 4th day. I was actually only given 3 days, but booked my flight for 4 days. I don't like fibbing like that. I rarely lie. Part of that religious upbringing I mentioned but this is Pattaya! 3 days, even 4 can't be nearly enough. Its an honorable lie, like lying to Nazi's that you don't have anyone hiding in your attic. OK, I'm being melodramatic but you understand, don't you? By this time, I'm tired. I was on the Health section of this site a while back and I asked about fatigue and I was advised to stay hydrated. I did. I drank water a lot. I'm not much of a drinker, so when I ordered a beer, I sipped it and it usually didn't get past the neck of the bottle. Half the time I ordered Lippo. For those who don't know its an energy drink. Whenever its ordered, the girls say 'Lippo (they pronounce it leepoo)? You have no power?' meaning you have been having so much sex you are in recovery time and are of no sexual use to any woman right now. I'm tired but if I sleep, I'll miss out on something, anything, so I keep going. I only have 4 days! Actually, no matter how long I stay I complain about the limited time and walk around in my zombie state and never get enough sleep.

Okay, what's on the agenda today? Oh, yeah, Ploy. Ploy, ahh, this is gonna be fun. She and I and another BG from her bar named Lek (there are a 1000 Leks in LOS it means small), had a great 3some on my last trip. I mentioned this in Day 1. Mickey and I are gonna go by the bar and while he's playing bar games like connect 4 or that dice game getting numbers from 1-9, I'm having a high level strategy meeting with Ploy. We're going to decide who she's gonna pick for the 3some. What time so I can get back at the room ahead of time and get the appropriate nap time. For this, I'm not gonna take any chances. I can barely handle Ploy by myself. Two will be overkill, I need help in the form of Vitamin V (Viagra), so a trip to the pharmacy is in order. I'm gonna make sure I'm holding up my end of the LT. Also, I'm drinking water and Lippo all day. I'm not planning on having any sex before then. At least that's the plan. We started the day going over to Ploy's bar. Immediately, Lek, from the previous escapade comes over to see me. She looks different. Well, maybe different is the wrong word. Worse is more accurate. She has gained a few pounds. She is wearing way too much make up. Its caked on and it gives her face a light complexion that contrasts sharply with her dark issan color. Also, I had decided not to include her this time. She was good, and we had fun but Ploy was not comfortable with her last time and I wanted to make sure Ploy was comfortable. I broke away from Lek and went inside to see Ploy. The way the F U Bar is set up, there were certain girls who stayed inside and some outside and they were not allowed to infringe on the area they were assigned. Ploy was inside. Lek weren't allowed in unless she was with a customer and he led her in. She spent the next few minutes trying to get Mickey to walk her in. Mickey, like a good compatriot stood his ground and held his post...outside of the bar, playing connect 4 betting 10 baht a game with some BG. I told Ploy I didn't want Lek. I wanted someone else. Apparantly this delighted her because she summarily summoned Lek and told her in very direct, unsympathetic Thai that her services were no longer requested or needed for tonight's festivities. She did this in front of me, actually in front of everyone. For no other reason than for her to lose face from what I could tell. I was embarassed for her. It was mean. Ploy went outside to get another girl. She brought in a BG that had okay looks, a 7 IMO. Ploy started diddling me and giving me the 'sniff kiss', etc. and the new girl was feeling out of place. I could tell this was not going to be a freaky, deaky 2 on 1. I decided that Ploy by herself would be best. She probably wanted it that way as the 2 on 1 was my idea originally not hers. I told her on 2nd thought, just her and find some way of getting to the hotel without the other girl. She said 'No problem' and seemed excited. She started whispering about how she would smoke me and have me boom boom her a$$ and all that stuff. I almost barfined her and went in the back room then and there. Her sweet whisperings were music to my ears. I almost said grace 'thank you for what we're about to receive...'. I gave her 500 baht for the drinks and barfine and we agreed on a midnight rendezvous at my hotel.

Mickey and I left the bar and decided to just walk around and explore a while. As we were heading down one of the Sois, possibly 3 or 4, a small child about 3 yrs old pointed at me wide eyed. No doubt I was the first Black farang he has set his eyes on. I waved back and in a baby voice, coo cooed 'hello'. His mother encouraged him to wave back. I moved closer and he got scared and started crying. It was funny. All of us were laughing. The look on small childrens faces happens every once in a while. We made our way to Beach Road and got talked into stopping by one of the bars. I ordered Lippo and started the usual beer bar banter. Name, rank and serial #. I got into the dice game with a bar girl who wasn't sure if I was interested or not. An older farang stopped by and started playing the building blocks game with another BG. The game where you remove blocks of wood stacked high and the person to topple over the stack by removing a crucial piece loses. Anyway, he was interested in her but she kept on shooting looks over at me. I nudged Mickey and said in street slang so no one would understand 'yo, that shortie is checkin' a brotha, fah sheezy'. He started laughing. She was a 6 possible 7 face and a 6 body, no chest at all but kept on sneaking looks that said 'give me the high sign'. Usually, these girls are the best. They are low key but wild behind closed doors. I felt sorry for the guy. He was joking around, buying her drinks and every time she went to get a ticket for the drink bin, she would give me these 'you just don't know what I'll do' looks. The mamasan saw it, they see EVERYTHING, that's their job and in Thai must have told her the equivalent of 'bird in hand, not two in the bush'. That didn't stop her though. Which brings up something related. I've seen, and anyone who've been to LOS, BGs give the eye while with someone else. I've seen BGs give me the look, as they walk out the hotel early in the morning after a LT. Just 2 minutes earlier they were telling some farang 'Me stay with you?, me love you too much!'. I'm sure its happened to me and I didn't know it. I've always said this was 'Fantasy Island'. I was contemplating bar fining her on the DL when I serepditiously put the tip of my tongue to the corner of my mouth. My way of asking if she 'smokes'. She sees it and has a 'no problem whatsover' expression. Mickey is laughing the whole time and his BG is not sure why connect 4 is so funny to him. I'm talking more slang to Mickey 'yo, she's feelin me son, i'm about ta tap this, on da real' and Mickey is laughing louder. A lot of bar girls understand english a lot better than we think at times and i've noticed that they'll play dumb. Unless these girls were with one of the Black guys in the military that sometimes come for leave or spent a few weeks watching rap videos, they're not gonna understand the slang, my mother doesn't understand the slang. I decide that us farangs gotta stick together and not to barfine her. That guy owes me, whoever he is. As we're leaving, I'm still getting the 'anytime you want to do this, I'll be here' look. Note to self: next time in LOS follow up on this one! We walk further on Beach Road toward Walking Street and get talked into stopping by yet another bar. There were a couple farangs there. They were Brits. One thing I experienced on this trip that was different than others was the comraderie and reception I received from a lot of Brits, espeically the older ones. This was no doubt due to the recent attacks and the fact we were now military allies with England. As soon as they found out we were American they said 'We're mates now' and ordered the BG to buy us whatever we were drinking. They were from the outskirts of Birmingham, England. They were extremely nice to us. However, I could only understand about 1/2 of what they were saying. I've heard various English accents from the various parts of London (North end, East End, Brixton, etc.), other parts of the country like Liverpool, Manchester, New Castle (also difficult to understand), Gateshead as well as social distinctions: cockney or someone public school educated at Eton or Rugby, but this Birmingham accent was extremely difficult to follow. I just nodded and smiled half the time while they gave their take on the fighting and what to do as well as their take on the Premier League when the subject changed to soccer and I said I was an Arsenal fan and Mickey was a West Ham fan (his liking West Ham always got a laugh for some reason, wonder why?).

We thanked them for the drinks and said we were going bar hopping. They recommended a go go bar farther down on Beach Road that sounded like 'Teeshan Quin'. We came upon a bar and Mickey said this must be it, it was the Tahitian Queen. Nice bar, had a lot of nice BGs that were 7 and 8 with a couple 9's thrown in. They were open early and we didn't stay long but long enough to put in our memory banks for the next time we're in town. By this time I'm pretty tired and I want to get some rest before meeting 3 girls back at the hotel. Oh, I didn't mention it before? I have a menage a' quatre (if my french is correct). Yep me and 3 BGs. How did it happen? I left this out of my Day 2 report inadvertently. It all happened so fast. The whole thing took like 30 seconds to set up. Mickey and I were bar hopping and we pass a bar that he sometimes frequented. He knows everyone! A very cute BG jokingly says to me 'me go with you'. She's at least a 9. Tall and very attractive. I say 'OK' and her friend comes up and I say 'her too'. They reply 'no problem'. Mickey is rolling his eyes like 'whatever'. A 3rd girl comes up, all of them are a 7, 8 and 9 I say 'Her too'. One tells the others in Thai that he wants all of us. They giggle and laughed but this was no laughing matter. I had had a sip or two of a heinekin and that was enough for me to build some courage. As I mentioned before I have very low alcoholic tolerance...very low, a few sips and that's it. Anyway, they're giggling and I say 'who smokes'. The cute one points to the 3rd and says 'she smokes, i boom boom' the 2nd is just smiling and laughing. I ask Mickey for one of the cards for the hotel like a good valet he hands one over. I already have plans for tonight so I write my name and room number on it and tell them 5pm tomorrow. "No problem' is my reply. I give a more serious look "I mean it, 5pm!' 'No problem' was the reply again but this time its more of a 'yeah, yeah, we understand' tone about it. They giggle and laugh and each give a look like 'he can't handle us' and Mickey and I take off. He's thinking they still think its a joke. I'm thinking what did I do! In an act of bravado, I'm committing myself to something too big for me to handle. Mickey has this skeptical look to him and he looks at me and says 'up to you' as he teases me. All this took litterally 30 seconds to transpire. I barely broke stride as I walked by their bar. Only in LOS can I hook up 3 BGs in less than a minute! Now back to today, Monday, Day 3, I head to the hotel to take a nap but before that I need to even up the odds a little so we stop by a pharmacy and Mickey and I split a 100 mg Viagra tablet. I'm napping in my boxers and sure enough 5pm, I hear a ratatat tat on the door and that incessant giggling. I'm sure the hotel reception got a good chuckle out of all this. Room 606? All of you? I'll either be viewed as a conquering hero or some insane farang after this. Well, they come in and plomp on the bed like its a slumber party sleepover and this happens all the time. The 3rd one I met is sitting on the bed says something in Thai and spreads her legs and looks at me, pantomining that I'm suppose to go down on her. That can be arranged. I'm having a funny feeling about all this. But a bit excited too. I'm hoping for a rub a dub dub, 1 man and 3 BGs in a tub but they send me off to take a shower by myself and I do and come out with a towel wrapped around me. All 3 of them go into the bathroom and lock it. Still giggling and laughing. I'm tempted to try to look in the panes in the door to see what all the giggling is about. They come out and I'm already under the sheets naked. They all get on the bed. The whole time, giggling and laughing is going on. They are all in towels (i asked for extra towels before hand) and look at each other like 'who's first?'. They can't decide and I want someone to start something soon. One of them rubs my chest the other lies next to me on the other side and reaches down to stroke me. I get a 'Oi!' and then the others lift the sheets to investigate. They all look at each other and give each other the 'you first' look. I finally whisper to one of them 'smoke' and she looks at another and reminds her she's the boom boom girl and the ohter is the smoker. Whatever! Somebody start doing something! So I'm getting head with the sheets partly covering her head and she's kneeling to the side of my waist, while the others are staring and rubbing on my belly or kissing my nipples. One bites a nipple a bit too hard and I reproach her a bit. I'm ready for 2 to smoke at the same time and motion for the one that hasn't decided what her specialty is yet, she gives me a 'who me?' look when I ask her to smoke. She says 'where condom?'. I'm like what? 'Mai! Its bareback BJs here' and that's the look I'm giving. The best she'll do is rub on my stomach and play with the nads while the other one is smoking. Okay, enough of that, okay, I motion for the one that is a 9 and I might add a non-smoker, to get over my face. She's not understanding and I pretty much have to carry her butt over me. She doesn't mind that once she understands what I'm trying to do. So I have one smoking, one straddled over my head getting head from me and the third is still rubbing on me. I need her to do something. I'm thinking about this while the other two are occupied but for the life of me I can't think of a job for her to do. All I can think of is to pull her head to my midsection and kiss me on my stomach. Okay, this is okay for a little while. Now for boom boom. Who's first? I get everyone up and reach for a condom. They pick amongst themselves and they're curious as to how this is gonna play out. The 8, the 2nd one is first up to bat. She's looking at me apprehensively, her friends are kneeling and watching. I feel like I'm in a screen test for a love scene in a movie and they'll grade my performance. She takes it in, after a narrowed eyebrow after the initial thrust she relaxes and looks at her friends to say 'I'm okay'. They're looking at my face and looking at her then they figure they have to do something so they start rubbing my back. Okay, change positions, I want it doggy style. I do her doggy style for a minute or two and send her off and request the next batter up in the lineup. The 3rd one that smoked is next. She's confident. But wants a change in rubbers. Understandable. The first one scurries to the bathroom, I'm doing the next girl missionary. I get the legs back for full penile penetration. Then the 3rd heads to the bathroom. WTF! I turn the girl I'm with around, do her doggy style for a few minutes then let her go. She goes to the bathroom and the last girl comes out. I repeat steps one and two. I don't even finish. I'm disappointed. They know they got a sucker. To make things worse one of them goes 'pay bar'. I saw this whole episode as a ST. $500 baht a piece, they want $1,000 each! I was willing to pay $500 plus bar $200 baht. I don't want to argue, I give them the 3,000 baht and they each give me the peck on the cheek on the way out and are no doubt going back to the bar to let everyone know of the farang sucker they just took.

I head out to meet up with Mickey who was skeptical about the whole idea in the first place. I didn't know this at the time but Mickey went by the bar later on after I had made the 'date' to make sure they would show. What a buddy! He gave me a 'it figures' expression when I did the re-cap for him. Well, it doesn't matter, I have Ploy coming at midnight. Plus since I didn't finish, I still had energy.....and a headache from the viagra. That thing gave me a migraine or at least it I think it was that and not the 3 chatterboxes. Maybe both, it was hard to tell. The rest of the night we bar hop and Mickey, who is being called to by name on just about every Soi we go down. Depending on whether he wants to have a drink, I'm the excuse for his not stopping by. I play along and say 'have to go, got to meet someone', he looks apologetically at them and shrugs a 'what can i do, I gotta go with him as I'm his tour guide'. I've had to do that a few times myself and use him as an excuse why I can't stay. We work as a team and pick up each other's non verbal communication. After quite a number of bars and an abundance of Lippo being ordered at each stop, I make my way back to the hotel about 11:30. I take a catnap and wake up about 11:55. Midnight...no Ploy. 12:15....no Ploy.....12:30 NO PLOY! 12:45....NO MOTHA EFFEN PLOY!!! WTF. Where is she? I'm upset so I leave and go to Soi 7 and Beach Road to see if Lek2, the youngest of the 3 sisters is there and sure enough she is. Everyone clears a path. I'm obviously a man on a mission and will not be denied. She and her sister come over. I order, what else? Lippo. She teases about needing power. I say 'I'm expecting you to give me power'. Her sister is watching and smiling and laughing and asks where Mickey is. 'Er..ah...my lu (don't know)'. She says 'he go long time'. 'Mai (no), I really don't know. And I shrug my shoulders like I'm looking for him too, if you see him tell him that, okay? Lek2 comes around the bar and next to me and I tell her I'm going to get her mow (drunk) like last time and then its off to the hotel, its about 1:30 AM. She orders Spy a cooler type of alcoholic drink. Drinks 2 of them and she seems a little buzzed so I take off. I told her in the baht bus that, to be honest I was supposed to meet someone tonight but decided to see you instead. She was like 'uhh, isn't he sweet and put her head on my shoulder'. I lowered my head as I passed Tik's bar and we make it to the hotel. She and I are making a bee line to the elevator and I hear a 'Sateeb'. Nestled away in the corner of the hotel lobby is Ploy! I'm glad I told Lek2 the story about my turning down some other girl. I think in the back of my head and from personal experience, I thought that Ploy just might show up and I needed a ready excuse. I walk over and say in an upset voice. Midnight-no Ploy, 12:45 no see you, so I go. And I turn around and takes Lek2's hand and get into the elevator. Lek2 likes the gain of face and loss of Ploy's and its apparantly a turn on for her because she starts kissing on me and smiling. We head into the room and she plops on the bed and seems drunk. But she didn't seem that drunk at the bar? Hmm, what's up with this? She's acting drunk for my benefit. I don't want that! If you're not drunk, don't pretend. We get down to business and she smokes me and does a reasonably good job but it seemed a lot better last May. The sex also. For some reason it just didn't seem the same. Plus, after some time she rubbed her temples and seemed to have a migraine. She would still engage in whatever sexual activity I wanted but she had a headache the whole time. She ended up staying the whole night. Day 3 ends......

The next day I send her off when Mickey calls and we recap the previous nights events as usual. He's shocked at Ploy's lateness. BGs have no concept of time except for one thing: Meeting times for STs or LTs. Mickey figured that one of two things happened. That since I barfined early in the day she tried to get in a short time before me and ran late or was stuck at the bar with some farang and couldn't get away in time but she's experienced enough to know how to manage her time. I felt bad about yelling at her but it was her fault. I said I was gonna stop by and give her another shot. Ploy had skills as they say in my neck of the woods. Plus she was a 3 inputter who was willing to engage in a menage a trois. A rare find indeed, can't just cut her from the team after one infraction. I mean, every one deserves a second chance right? Well, Mickey and I make our afternoon rounds to bars and find our way near Walking Street and the Soi that has a few BJ Bars like Nice with Ice. We came upon another set of Brits and there were a couple Aussies with them. The leader was drunk...no he was very drunk! He found out we were American and insisted on buying our allies a drink, so we went into the nearest bar. He was in his mid to late 40s. He had a tattoo on his butt that said: England * Scotland * Bangkok * Pattaya. How did I know? He showed it to anyone and everyone. The bar girls were either joyfully amused by him or tried to avoid him if he came or looked in their direction. He asked us to join him and his mates because they just got together this morning and they were officially 'on the piss'. He paid the bar tab and we all went outside to go on the piss as he calls it. A few of us get pulled by the greeting girls at the Pump Station, a BJ bar. The one that pulled me is cute as a button. She looks very young. She is also very dark. She looks sub continent Indian. Hair similar, skin very dark. I find out she's from Cambodia but no one is supposed to know that. Your secret is safe with me, honey, I'll take it to the grave! Mickey and stop by and tell our new found friends we'll catch up shortly. Shortly never came and we didn't see them again. Another BG sits on my lap but my eyes keep going to the young looking Cambodian. She has to have just met the age requirement of 18 because she had that school girl look about her. She saw me looking at her and sat on my lap also and the other left. She had a nice butt. She wore a long t shirt over some long shorts. I put a hand on the butt and it felt like a firm, smooth couch cushion. I was looking at this one leeringly. She's asking the standard questions. Once again, my saying Chaing Mai is my hometown gets the appropriate laughs. One thing that she does is compare her arm to mine and say 'same, same, you brother, i your sister'. Not what I want to hear right now. She says she's 18 but she doesn't look it. I say to Mickey 'She's cute as a button, 18 too.' He looks at her and looks at me and rolls his eyes. I ask her if she smokes and she gives me a look that says if she was a California valley girl 'Duh, like this IS a BJ bar?!'. She quotes 2 prices 375 baht and 400 baht. Not sure what the difference is but I say I'll take the 400 baht deal in case I miss something. She takes me in the back around the wall, up some stairs, through a room and up to another floor at a bar. These BJ bars are built like your standard bar you see at your local pub but in front of each stool its cut out with a curtain. The girl kneels on a stool while she blows you and you watcdh porn on a TV. She gets a baby wipe tissue and cleans me then goes down on me. Okay job, not the best but seeing that cute face look up at me made it better. I reach down and feel her chest. At least B cups and they are firm and ripe. They defied gravity. I get off the stool and squat so I my hands can roam. She lets me squeeze the butt and I reach down and finger her. She doesn't seem to mind at all my diddling. I finish and she even took it in the mouth and spit it out in the spit bucket. She will see me again. I ask if I can bar fine her for boom boom and she says she has to stay here. When I get back I tell Mickey and he says 'What? She has to stay here? Lets go. Don't see her again.' I'm not sure why but I'm not tyring to find out.

We make it to Ploy's bar and Lek comes up to me and tries to kiss me. I guess no hard feelings from last time. I go look for Ploy who is at the side entrance and all the eyes shoot poisoned tipped daggars at me. One of her friends gets up and says 'F**k You!' and walks off. How did they learn that?! I say 'Ploy, I need to talk to you'. She hesitates gets up and we go into the bar. I say 'Hey, you didn't show up so I went and got someone else. I waited till 12:45!' She gives me a 'whatever' look. Then it dawns on me what's going on here. She went back and told a different story, probably that she was on time and I showed up with another girl and sent her away. I contemplated telling the mamasan something else but decided to forget about it. I go out and get Mickey and say 'lets go, the damage is irreparable'. I'm probably banned from the bar from now on. Well, we spend the rest of the day bar hopping. Its Tuesday and we're leaving at 3am to catch a taxi to Bangkok airport. We head down to one of our old haunts on Soi 8. We run into a girl that I know I've seen before. Mickey recognizes her and we stop for a drink. The bar is one of the bars we frequent but she wasn't there the last time I was there, but I recognize her. She's cool. Not all that cute, reminds of a female version of a young Mick Jagger actually, shoulder length hair. We're having small talk and it gets raunchy. Mickey tells her my perfect BG smokes. She's says 'I smoke' and licks her lips. Then she starts flickering it at us. We're joking with her and say 'I also like to boom boom a$$'. She gives a 'please, is that it?!' look and says 'No problem'. Mickey raises the ante as we're having fun and says 'What about 2 guys' She does the jerk off pantomine with both hands and looks at both of us and licks her lips again. We're cracking up but I'm getting turned on. She's rubbing our knees and thighs and I say okay, what's the bar fine here? She tells me the bar fine and I pay it and say meet me at the hotel at 8pm. Then we get up to leave. Mickey is laughing as we go down the street. I say what's so funny. He says, she may be a katoey. I go what?! she used to work at Ploy's bar. I said she worked at Ploy's bar and he said there are katoey's there. I said 'what?!' I didn't even know! No, Ploy is not one of them if that's what you guys are thinking. That much is confirmed. Well, I tell Mickey, nothing's happening tonight unless I'm sure. I head back to my hotel at 7:55 and 'she' is punctial. She comes in and gives me a suggestive look and heads to the bathroom. She comes out topless but wearing panties. The titties are small but have nipples that are pretty big. I heard that katoey's don't have large nipples. Anyway, that's not enough, I embarrasingly say 'Look, don't be offended by this but I have to make sure, are you a woman or katoey'. She looks at me like 'How can you ask that?!'. Well, I can and I will. Are you? She gives me a 'You've gotta be kidding look'. I say well take down the panties. She doesn't. I'm thinking, that's enough. Lets call this one a night. Mentally even if she is a woman, I'm going to be thinking about the slim possibility she is a he and I can't go through with this physically if you know what I mean. So I say 'Look, this is not gonna work out'. She wants her short time money. I say 'We didn't do anything'. 'She'starts raising her voice. The last thing I want is the hotel coming up here and seeing me arguing with a possibly Katoey. I give 'her' 500 baht and say good riddance. I'm embarrassed as I head out the hotel because the hotel staff knows a katoey just came to my room. I head back to another bar where I was supposed to meet Mickey at 9 or 9:30. Its 8:30 and he has a puzzled look on his face and says 'what are you doing back here so early, she didn't show?' I said she showed but I think it was a katoey. He's coming back in a few weeks and I've given that as one of his assignments. Not that it matters, girl or no girl, I'm not taking the chance.

We do some more bar hopping and we go to one of the newer bars that just got built on 2nd street. The mamasan spends 1/2 her time trying to convince me to bar fine this fat girl. She looks anglo but she is fat. mamasan says 'she no speak english, new girl, no go with farang before'. Well, she's not going with me! I say I have another girl coming. Sorry. Its raining and we do some more bar hopping. Now this gets a little fuzzy. I'm not sure if I was drunk or whatever, but I recall around Midnight having a very pretty, dark complexioned BG in my room. She stayed ST. I can't recall where I bar fined her from. Mickey was present for all the BGs I bar fined except the small girl on Soi 7 late at night and Lek2 after Ploy didn't show up. I've aske him to retract our steps and he recalls my being with a girl that late Tusday night but does not remember the girl or where I barfined her. This is driving me nuts right now. I know I didn't dream the whole thing. I got head and it was good, but I can't see a clear face in my mind. Was I drunk? I have a notoriously bad memory when drunk. This is how Day 4 ended. I'm having a memory lapse about the last few hours of it. So goes my 4 days in Pattaya.

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It was blind stinking luck, or bad luck depending on how you want to see it. Mamasan know their girls. They're a good place to start. That's what they are paid to know. Eden Club in Bangkok is best bet for all that. As you know specifically what you'll get but if there are certain bars that are just plain wild and they'll oblige you. Look for really good freinds, they're usually roommates of each other and possibly bi also.

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Attn Board Members:

Thru a pre-arranged meeting , I am having drinks tonight with the author of these posts , should I disappear from this board , it is either because the author had to kill me for telling me info not to be known , or I am on a plane to LOS...lol



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Great report, hope there is more to come.

How did you manage to sleep after drinking all that lippo? one keeps me up ( and awake) for several hours.


Pity Ploy got you in bad with her bar with whatever story she used to save face.

I bet next time you are there all will be forgiven.

While reading your story of ur 3some, I was thinking, did he discuss the money first, maybe that was the thing that led to the unfavorable results.


I would be very intersted in knowing why the little khmer girl could not leave the BJ bar.

Kind of a new one on me, maybe just a long range plan by her or the bar to get more $$ in the long run. ( can do anything if you pay for it).

are you already planning your next trip?


great stuff.

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Pasathai: I didn't get much sleep. Lippo doesn't keep me up too much, I can still sleep. Mickey thinks the Khmer girl was underage and that's why she couldn't leave the bar. If she was, they wouldn't have her outside tryng to pull customers in, is what I'm thinking. Nevertheless, I'm not taking chances.

I sent Ploy an e mail 2 days ago. Not to apologize but to explain why I did what I did. I also e mailed Tik (see Day 2) to see if she's doing okay and Ooh (see Day 1) to just say thanks.

Regarding the 3 BGs, I should have discussed money first as they entered the room, to me it makes it less personal, but in that particular situation I should have. It sounds good beforehand but for 3 you gotta know what you want ahead of time. It would have helped if they were bi.

Heading back in December, Mickey is leaving mid November for a long stay.

BadaBing: I'm bringing 2 BGs (Ooh & Lut from Day 1)I smuggled in to kidnap you and you'll be at their mercy. (lol)

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good reasoning on the Khmer bj girl.

( would never have thought of that reason ha!)

About lipo, I got some similar drink one time, I am convinced it had nicotine in it, got my heart pumping, fingers toes numb.

Ever see this stuff?

Gave me a hardon that would scare the first 3 rows of girls in a soapy. ( just kidding, but was pretty good stuff anywy)

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I've been looking for it ever since too.

It was actually brought into my office as some new product for us to try.

( some time ago).

and really did spend the rest of the day with

"the big one" made concentrating on work impossible.

( this was b4 viagra was on the scene too)

really did make my ( most anyway) extremities go cold/numb. and I only had a few sips.

Bet some of the regular Bkk residients will know what it is.

I would bet it would not get exported to USA though.


even bringing some back in ur bag mite be tough, customs are pretty touchy about the strangest things.


I got some tea I bought in Ankara ( really good stuff IMHO) confiscated in lax, they claimed that brand was radioactive. go figure.?

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Nice reports Sateeb. (that is your name on this board from now on) I wish I could go as often as you. I may be able to if this damned economy does not come back soon. frown.gif" border="0 Now if the newbies could post some reports (I know you exist there are about 2k members now or so?) I and other board members would be highly appreciative...


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