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Tbear's Second Newbie Trip: Chapter 3


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At the wife’s bar, I meet up with an English guy, who has a girlfriend who works at the same bar. The wife immediately tells his girlfriend of my infidelity, and his girlfriend makes a throat slashing sign. He asks me about the gesture and I explain the events of the previous evening. He explains to me that it happens to everyone, and I shouldn’t fret about the wife. Basically, he explains, it comes down to money. My wife was probably just as upset that she might be missing out on a few more barfines, then she was about who I was sleeping with. This actually makes me feel better.

For the remainder of the trip, there is a strange turn of events. The wife seems intent on trying to get me laid. But there is a hitch, I can only go with one of the girls from the bar. Unfortunately, the rest of the girls at the bar are mediocre at best, and the really cute ones seem to be invisible to the wife.

“Which one you like?”

“That one”. I point to the 21 year old hottie with the perky breasts

“Oh, you want to go with she?” Wife points to 38 year old battle hag.

“NO!, her….” Trying to inconspicuously nod to the 21 year old women of my dreams.

“Oh Ok, I call her over”. Wife proceeds to call hags name

“Never mind….” I say

After attempting to correct the wife’s vision, I realize that it is all a ruse. The only way I’m going to sleep with someone else on this trip is if I try to ditch the wife; which I’m too much of a woosey to do, or sleep with one of her once-a-month-barfine friends, which isn’t going to happen unless I get really, really drunk. Back in the states, I have put, or made attempts to put, my dick in some pretty ugly women. In Thailand I would rather just go back to the hotel and catch up on sleep then sleep with an ugly girl.

On the first night of her quest, we stay at the bar until closing. She then invites 3 of her friends back to my hotel room to have a party. We go to a 7-11 and grab some beer, whiskey, and some Thai snacks (Note to self: How can they make such great food, but such crappy snacks!). I take the walk of fame back to my hotel with 4 bargirls in tow. We get to my hotel, and before I can pull out some chairs and a table, they just plop down on the floor and get busy with the food.

On a previous night, the wife had discovered that the Penthouse hotel plays porn on one of the TV channels at night. She had never seen this before, and was mesmerized at the sight. I, being a porn expert, was disgusted at their choices of movies; no storyline, and pretty ugly actresses. She turns on the porn for the party and the girls are mesmerized at the movie. Turns out that none of them had seen anything like this before. Their eyes were glued to the TV as some girl get screwed. As it turns into an anal scene, the girls shift uncomfortably, as any man would do if you see someone get kicked in the balls. As the eventual money shot comes in, and the guys spews over the actresses face, they are completely disgusted, and I think they’re going to puke. I’m shocked that three prostitutes would be so disgusted by pornography. I mean, I can’t imagine a surgeon throwing up after watching ER. Or a homocide detective averting his eyes when someone gets murdered on TV.

At some point during the evening, the wife gets up and says something in Thai, which I guess is the equivalent of “OK, now you all f^*k Tbear!” She then gets on the bed and passes out. As romantic as this scene is, there is no way that I’m going through with this. All of the girls are butt ugly, and the logistics of this supposed love fest are too much to comprehend. We silently stare at each other for a moment, and then continue laughing and joking. After about an hour, I say goodbye to the girls.

The next night, she tries to hook me up again. This time, we go play pool, and she invites one of her friends. After the pool playing, we go back to the bar and the wife goes back to the hotel. Her friend and I play some games, but once again, I’m not really attracted to her. She gets the message, and goes home when the bar closes. I go back to the hotel, and the wife seems shocked that I am alone. I try to explain that I’m not really attracted to her friends, and she doesn’t need to set me up. She tells me that she is trying to make me happy, and that she wants me to have fun on my vacation. She knows that she hasn’t been feeling well, and her boom-boom has been no good. She apologizes. In the morning I notice a stain on the sheets, and she tells me she is having her period. Embarrassed, she asks me if I want her to leave. I say no.

I don’t think this is really coming through, but I’m really starting to like this girl. I’m not sure exactly why; after the first couple of nights, the sex is just so-so, and she hardly ever smokes. But I love the way the strokes my hand when we are sitting at the bar, and tells all of her friends the joke I told her earlier, and how she helps me with my Thai. She wipes my brow if there is even a hint of perspiration. Every time we eat she makes the balls of sticky rice for me, and tells me the proper order of what to dip, and what to put on top. The previous day, we are out shopping and she stops at a lady who is selling silk. After bargaining with the lady, she asks me if I like it, and proceeds to buy it, and tells me it’s a present for my mother. Maybe every girl would do this, but I’m seriously starting to think that this girl is something special.

On my last day in Pattaya, we go for a walk and do some shopping. Afterwards, we part ways and she says that she will meet me at my hotel and we will go to dinner. I’m feeling a little horny, and I stop into the go-go that I have been before. I ask around if Ms. Hottie is there, but she is not. I stay for a while, and soon enough I’m surrounded by a couple of girls. I play some pool, and as it gets later, the girls start to play the hard sell to come to my room. Like an idiot, I told them the hotel and room number, which they have committed to memory. I can’t believe my ears as I tell them that I can’t go, because I’m meeting my girlfriend tonight. Almost like a sign from above, Ms. Hottie comes in and immediately grabs me and puts her tongue down my throat. She stokes me, and whispers in my ear that she wants to f&*k me. I tell her that I can’t. As she sits down and pouts, I notice that a girl that I slept with from my last trip, nose-ring girl, is here, and she stares at me, obviously going through her mental rolodex to remember if I had slept with her or not. This is all too much, and I ask for the check and leave.

I go to the room, chug a beer, and take a cool shower. The wife shows up at my door, and I realize that the missed opportunities from the go-go bar were all worth it. The wife has obviously been to the beauty salon, and she is wearing a little black dress that shows off her body. Her makeup is immaculate. She looks absolutely beautiful. We head to a restaurant overlooking the water, and we talk about everything. We talk about her family and my family and her home town and my home town. She tells me that she wishes that I could stay longer, and I tell her that I will be back. As I see her staring at me, and as I peer into her big brown eyes, and see the full moon reflecting on the water, only one thought comes to mind….

F*CK! I’m falling in love with her!

We go back to the hotel and we just lay there and snuggle. She tells me that she has some medicine that will stop her period for a couple of hours, and that we can sleep together. I’ve never been one to take a trip on the red river, and I decline. She notices that Mr. Happy isn’t exactly lying down for this, and my last sexual encounter in Pattaya is a slow, loving handjob.

I wake up at 6am the next morning and I say goodbye. My last sight of the wife is her on the back of a motorcycle taxi, heading down Soi Pattayaland 2.

Next Episode: Conclusion

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TBear, my man, you have it hard !!!

First of all, congrats, you DO have a great way with words !! do continue to write, ok ?

Lastly, after what I have been reading, this is NOT what you want when you go to LOS, right ??

I will probably not be the last one to tell you this, but : forget her and get some real sanuk going !!! laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0

ok ?

cool.gif" border="0cool.gif" border="0

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I feel for u man. You have a really soft heart. Don't beat urself up about falling in love. Love is a good thing whether it is temporary or long term. I think the phenomena of going through an intense emotional cycle in 7 days is part of the beauty of the Bar scene. You certainly wouldn't get that in the States, if u could wouldn't spend a few grand hauling your ass 20k mi all of the time. Think about it like this if the women were cold and treated u like crap u would have no desire to return. Every time I go to LOS I fall in love with a new chick. Some treat u good and some treat u better.

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This is definately NOT why I came to LOS. When I think that the whole trip would have been different if I just walked past the bar, it makes me dizzy. Of course If I had just walked past the bar the first time, or if I kicked the wife to the curb after the first go round.....


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Originally posted by tbear31:

This is definately NOT why I came to LOS. When I think that the whole trip would have been different if I just walked past the bar, it makes me dizzy. Of course If I had just walked past the bar the first time, or if I kicked the wife to the curb after the first go round.....



I say the same thing myself everytime. I have every intention of being a pure whore monger sex-fiend. I always have this plan to get 4 BJ's a day and sleep with 20 different women in a 1 week stay. Invariably by the second night I meet one cutie who melts my sex-maniac heart and she stays with me the entire time. Planning on being a sexual hedonist and actually executing that plan are not as easy as we think. I think the actual relationships that I engage in LOS are what truly keep the place exciting for me, if I wanted straight raw sex then I can always patronize the prostitutes in the States.

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Hi Tbear,

It is great to read from you again. God, how time flies - it seems like only yesterday that you posted your first report. You seem to have done well on this trip and have experienced the full range of what PTY has to offer.

I was there in October and had similar experiences - somone in bed and another at the door. I also did Eden NEP, etc. However I earned the name of Tony Butterfry on Soi 7 on account of me changing companionship every night. Done that now and probably wouldn't do it if I ever return (which means next year).

On adifferent note, have you ever thought about writing in your spare time for income. You have a way with words and a very readable style.

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