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cosmetic surgery at Yahnee Hospital

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Hey guys,


After 50, the old mirror isn't as friendly as it used to be. :(

Considering some work. Eyelids, facelift maybe....

lipo. I've been to Bumrungrad for minor stuff and they seem fine. Question is anyone had any work done at Yahnee? What are your experiences? Please give prices, too, if possible.


Yanhee is a solid hospital with good standard of care. No problem there.


The real issue is selection of surgeon as you cannot go just by hospital; in any hospital the competency of individual surgeons will vary. Also, some have greater expertise is certain procedures than in others.

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About a year after I married my wife (from Chaiyaphum) she insisted that she needed her nose altered or reduced in width. She hounded me so much that

eventually I agreed to pay the 10,000. Baht for the 'nose job.' I must admit that it did enhance her exotic beauty. She was thrilled with the result(s)

and the whole experience at Yanhee.


I was an inpatient once for three days at Yanhee under the care of an internist for a nasty torn muscle in my leg. The care was top shelf. Whenever I

rang the bell for a nurse, three would appear. Yes, there are many very looking nurses at Yanhee. Even the food was awesome. At the time, inpatients

ordered over the phone from a menu ... very good Thai food almost at street food prices!


Yanhee's reputation is impeccable. I highly recommend it.

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