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Banks begining to deny use of ATM overseas


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The bank.


Local small 4 branch bank. North America.


I telephone customer service. They did not know what I was talking about. They had to ask internally. This is when they came back with the three countries mentioned above.


Just checking if this is just a local thing or a wider trend.

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Goodness - like trying to pull teeth to get that answer, and we still only have you down to North America!



You should be a politician or lawyer :)


Why the secrecy about the bank name/country?


Anyhow, just to throw in my 2 cents, I always get calls from my USA credit card companies when I charge in BKK, but have never gotten a call from a bank.


Worth monitoring, though, as global ATMs are now the main way to access money abroad for many people.

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Yes, it is like pulling teeth.


Name, rank, and serial number. That's it.


But it is not your bank as I know everyone here who travels to Taiwan (Thailand) as all here are geographically challenged.


After my trips, I always get the question from someone local who asks: "Why do you travel to Taiwan?".

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One thing, you have a limit as to how much money you can carry into Thailand, like $10K???


Yes, a lot of signing to cash $20K in T/Cs. I have had to sign checks several times but now when I get T/C issued, the scribble my signature and do the same when I cash in Thailand. The bank I go to knows me as I have been going there for 10+ years, but get the occasional hassle.


I have sent bank checks to Thailand some years back (5+) but they usually took about three weeks to clear, but an easy/quick way to get money here and into an account.


If you can open an account here and wire xfer the $$$ in, that would be a nice option. I have wire xfr'd money here before and it works fine.


With the USD so low (38.415) you might wait and earn a few extra baht once (if) the USD gets stronger.


Cheers! ::

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cavanami said:

My bank, back in the USA. I have a "special" account there where I can get free T/Cs, as long as I keep like a $10K balance in the account.


Bank Financial, Chicago area. (www.bankfinancial.com).


Maybe other banks do the same in the USA?


Commerce Bank in NY & NJ give free Amex Trav Checks for customers over 55 years old.

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