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Every country has it's super stupid people!

America is huge and has many different areas where different things are important to the people! America is the country with the biggest variety in people, cultures, religions in the world, these polls are are not representative because they aren't done in all states and not enough people. I read an article about that in Forbes 2 years ago and they said that these Polls are can differ up to 65% if you do the with the entire population!


When people do the interviews on TV (mostly european TV) they do them with hand selected idiots and it usually takes 50 interviews to get 5 really dumb ones!



Brittney Spears on the war on Iraq

"we should simply trust our president, he knows what he is doing"


Like some stranger on the street

"I vote for bush because John Kerry is wearing Flip Flops and I don't like that"


Like some strange fat woman

"I vote for Bush/Cheney because they liberated Iraq, Saddam brought too much isntability to Africa"


Like George Bush said

"when we are done in Iraq, the country will look like a comma"


Just an extract from what I have seen but this doesn't mean all americans are stupid, the majority is truely not very educated about stuff outside their own country but that is okay because the country is huge and the most people never intend to leave the USA for vacations!


The government is one of the more greasy ones, the way how they fool their people makes America look stupid in european eyes, but this is not the fault of the American People, they can only jusge what they know and if they don't get told anything they have nothing to judge about!



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