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Buddha Bless My Amazing Laptop


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The other day I picked my ancient IBM 600 Thinkpad laptop up off the floor after dropping it for about the 5th time. It beeped and winked back to life. No problem. Amazing.

The old girl, Mrs. May, has been around the world I will tell you! To Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. All over Ireland and kicked through Canada and wilds of Central Mexico. Her paint is chipped in 50 places and all the doors that I used regularly have fallen off. I cover the ports with packaging tape now. The period key is on it's period and has to be tapped an extra time or two these days.

Perhaps one of the mishaps did some physical damage to the hard drive disk surface because I do have some bad sectors that can't be repaired. But I just bypass the bad sector messages at bootup and she goes fine. Most times I just put her to sleep and wake her up so as to avoid boot altogether.

I bought her back in early '98 when the market was high and so was I, and paid the incredible price of $3,757, an amount which makes Mr. Fight-for-Your-Baht quite ill to contemplate these days, but there was a time when Mr. Fight-for-Your-Baht was not Mr. Fight-for-Your-Baht at all, but Mr. If-You-Even-Think-You- Want-It-You-Must-Buy-It-Because-You- Have-So-Fucking-Much-Money, but the stock market collapse/tech wreck changed all that and here we are.

I once saw a report on celebrities and their hi-tech gadgets and Ed Bradley and Martha Stewart both had the same model. Not that I'm one for dropping names (Ed Bradley!! and Martha Stewart!!) but anyway...

Mrs. May is a great old gal and has made more than one GF jealous. A black chick with a flair for sarcasm told me, "If that computer could suck your dick, you wouldn't need me at all." She didn't like threesomes and was always trying to get me to put Mrs. May out of the bed which I did in order to facilitate the above-mentioned activity.

Perhaps she is a museum piece and just doesn't know it, but there is no quit in her yet. And don't tell her she is obsolete! We are making plans to return to the LOS in a month or so and will be writing to you from there.

Zane May and the Little Missus

("Okay baby, Add New Topic." "Yes Daddy." Click!)

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Hi Zane,

Mrs May sounds like the elder sister of Mia Noi, my'98 IBM Z560 has also been used and abused over the last three years.

Since she knows she cannot compete with Mia luang, the desktop at home (twin 900Mhz chips, Windows NT, nothing else will support paralell operation), she has had quite a few liasions with other silicon brains.

There was an affair with a Honeywell TDC300 and a triconex ESD in Saudi, a brief flirtation with a Yokagawa in Bahrain, In Australia she had two brothers at once Allen Bradley PLC 3 and 5. The USA was a nightmare, ABB Advant, August ESD, Bentley Nervada and CCC all at once, how her brains didn't loose the plot I dont know. Next she had an encounter with a Bailey Syphony system in Algeria, not very plesent since we needed an armed chaporone on all our journeys away from the compound, it didn't bother mia noi, but it put the shits up me.

More recently she has gone back to her roots, and gone Oriental. Had a six month affair with a GE Fanuc, and an Invensys wonderware in China. Well the wonderware totally did her in, cost me 5,000 Yuan for silicon surgery to upgrade her to 512K ram, these damn Neural Comms links are memory crushing.

Now we are both enjoying a well earned rest back home, but I think she is getting an itchy hard drive. 2 propositions today, Malaysia and Cambodia, I need to make her work again, she earns the sanuk tokens and pays all the bills in BKK. She may cost more than mia luang, but hey the return is a lot better.

Long live my IBM Z560!

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Yo Zane -

Don't feel bad, dewd, 'cause I'm a bigger moron than you are. My Dell notebook, just the PC now, not the carrying case, service agreement, etc. cost more than 5 grand (U.S. $) shocked.gif" border="0

Although I must compliment Dell on building it like a brickhouse. Solid as a rock, like jewelry for the small bits, and she sports a PIII 866mhz chip, 512mg of RAM, 30GB hard drive, DVD player, tons of software, blah blah blah. But still, it's the sh*t and I'll be good for years. laugh.gif" border="0

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