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Sniffing instead of Frenching


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One of the issues that comes up fairly regularly on this board is kissing. The main questions are usually "Do Thai girls kiss?" and "What is a sniff kiss?". In this article I will try to answer both of these questions as well as providing some additional information.


Do Thai girls kiss?


Yes, most of them do, but the majority of them is not that good at it. Girls who have had some experience with farangs (either a boyfriend or enough customers) will usually not have a problem with kissing, but the ones that lack this experience may need some teaching.

Something I have noticed, which is most likely related to inexperience, is that a lot of the girls are 'sloppy' kissers, and often you end up with saliva all over your mouth and cheeks.


How about french kissing?


This is something that even less girls are into, and even if they will allow your tongue in their mouth very few seem to let their own tongue wander.

Obviously there are exceptions and I have known several girls who loved inspecting my tonsils :)


And what is this 'sniff kissing' I hear about?


With a sniff kiss a girl will bring her nose and lips very close to your cheek (or anywhere else actually) and 'sniff'. I know this sounds rather weird, but it is actually very nice and I personally have grown rather fond of it.

One explanation I have heard for the origin of this custom is that women used to 'sniff' their kids to smell if they were clean. True or not, I don't know.


Do the bargirls mind if I kiss them?


While this obviously differs from girl to girl, I would say that most don't mind, and in fact many may even initiate the kissing. While kissing is not really a Thai custom, the bargirls know that their customers like it and seem to have adapted accordingly.

Massage parlour girls will likely be a bit less inclined to allow kissing, probably due to less contact with Western men/customs as well as in an effort to keep it a more 'professional' relationship.


Is kissing in public acceptable?


No, not really. Whereas people probably won't be to bothered when you give your girlfriend a quick 'sniff kiss' or peck on the cheeks, a 'real' kiss full on the lips might attract a bit of of disapproving stares.

Even though showing affection in public is becoming more acceptable, I would recommend to keep kissing in public to a minimum.

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This has always disapointed me about Thai girls,most dont know how to kiss,dont want to kiss and when they do they dont seem to like it.Dont get me wrong I have had a few Thai girls who were good kissers but seems to be the exception to the rule.Contrast that to the Phillipines were most of the girls really know how to kiss.

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