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The Thai Bar Girl Road Show


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Here's a snapshot of the Japanese connection concerning the exportation of Thai girls to Japan (thought to be the largest destination). It should be noted that there may be freelancers working there, but the massive amount of info that adikgede's link provided, speaks only of the organized sector of importation, so understand that this is not the situation in every case of a girl going to work in Japan


Here's the deal... Thai girl is either approached by a recruiter, or they seek out a recruiter on their own.


It seems that the one's who seek one out on their own, are familiar that many exist, and many said that he/she was located in their neighborhood (I should note that much of what I read were many actual interviews, with the Thai girl herself). The reasons for them seeking one out is extremely varied... literally across the board. Drunk, loser husband who won't change his way's, and she feels the need to take control, to village girls seeing 2-3 local families building nice house, and knowing it is coming from daughter working in Japan and also seeing her come back very rich, to the working go-go dancer who hears of the riches to be had there and wants to check it out. I think also, that the average Thai girl sees Japanese man as being very rich. Certainly the ones in the trade, already. Almost all, who seek one out on their own, realize that prostitution is part of the deal. But very few, unless they have a friend who had actually done it, understood what they were to be facing.


And here's why. Local Thai recruiters when approached, or scouting, will present different stories to both camps. To the one approaching him, he realizes that they have some idea that prostitution will be part of the deal. So... he tells them that he will take care of all costs and paperwork to get her there, the money is great, and all he wants is reimbursement of funds spent, and a little profit. She might have to work 1-2 months to pay back debt, but after that, she can keep everything. In some case, girl was told she was going to be working in a restaurant, and her providing sex, was optional. I think also, that girl has visions of working there to meet rich Japanese guy, who will take her for his bride. A situation that could well happen for, and in fact, many stated as their ultimate goal.


Now to the ones that are approached by recruiter... this gets more complicated, and again... very much varied circumstances. Here, most recruiters will search the northern sections of Thailand, especially during 'green season', when rice is growing, and not bringing in any income. It's so very sad to say, but the fact is parents are approached, and offered baht to sell their daughter. Of course, they are told, as is the daughter, that she will be working factory, or restaurant. She will have to work a while to pay back employer for cost of getting her there, but after that, she can send home all that she makes. On top of that, recruiter will give parents something like US$1,000 right away. I can't believe that parents don't know the deal, but from interviews with girl, many were only too happy to be able to 'save the farm'. How exciting... see gets to see the world, and parents are provided for, also. A once in a lifetime deal.


OK... recruitment accomplished, be it approached by girl herself, or recruited through searching the countryside. What happens next, is that they are taken to an apartment in BKK. The area was always the same, but I forget where. I'm not familiar with it. When they get there, there will be anywhere from 3 to 15 girls in same apt. Also present is a mamasan (escort), and several Thai guys. The rules are then explained. At this point, reality set in for some of them, but not others.


Cannot leave apt, without escort (and need a very good reason to do so), cannot make a phone call or any other form of communication with the outside world, and they should not speak among themselves. They are, from this point on, monitored 24/7, and there lives are totally controlled. After an average of 2-3 days, they are taken to airport. During this 2-3 day period they are versed on what to say at immigration, and what not to say. It varies here, as some will actually be taken to get married during this 2-3 day staging process. Some had a man show up at immigration posing as her husband (a man she never met, and never saw again). Others were simply handed a passport, and told what to say.


But, at BKK airport, the drill always seemed to be the same. They were told which line to get into. And what to say, if anything. Most times, immigration didn't say a word, and filled out forms for them, then passed them right through. It is very obvious, from all interviews, that things are not right here, but I don't want to delve into this area, and is a subject best left not commented on, for the survival of this board. I hope you all get what I'm saying here. Khun cow jai mai? (you understand?)


On the plane, many were handed a different passport to use upon entering Japan, and were directed to a certain line. (Khun cow jai mai?)


So... they are in Japan. Most are confused about what is going on, but going with the flow. What happens next varies. Most are taken to an apartment where other girls are present. They are taken out in groups of 2-3 and brought to different restaurants over a period of 3-4 days. Same situation exists for them. Watched, and controlled, every movement. During this 2-3 day period, they are introduced to mamasan, who is there 24/7. It is at this point, while in Japan hotel room, what the real situation is. And this is where it gets good, listeners.


The girls are told that the debt they owe to come here is US$20,000 to $US40,000, and they must work this off before earning a dime. In every case, they (Thai girl) are absolutely shocked, to say the least. They then confiscate their passport, and tell them that they are in Japan illegally, and will be arrested on the spot, if found out. The days that follow are them being brought to many different restaurants, some a days travel away. Eventually, a 'restaurant' owner will strike a deal with the broker showing his wares. Usually in the field of US$11,000. The contract deal has been struck. Girl is sold for US11,000, but must make 20 to 40K to get released from contract.


These restaurants are called "snacks" in Japan. Many of them are legit restaurants that offer "sex take-outs" at night. Almost all Thai girls are brought to these places as their initial place of employment. By this time, girl know that she has been sold into prostitution, and what debt she needs to work off, before making any money for herself. What happens if she declines? They have taken her passport. She ain't going nowhere, and she knows it. This is her fate, and she knows it.


At this point, I gotta interject. I've read many detailed interviews with Thai girls placed into this situation. I gotta get up early tomorrow for work, but for the life of me, I cannot understand the mentality of these girls. I swear to God, you will not believe the average story as to how this whole scenario usually plays out.


Conditions in these 'snacks' are pretty much the same. They are never allowed to leave, except with a customer, who will bring them to a hotel down the street, to be serviced. They work from 6:00pm to 3:00am in the snack as hostesses. They then get up at 9:00am to clean restaurant, and serve lunch. After, they usually work in the garden behind the restaurant, and other chores. If caught eating anything from garden, a fine is imposed, and added to their debt. All had to work 7 days a week. ANY infraction from the rules results in additional debt. They are only allowed to keep extra tips. This money they must use to buy necessities like food, medicine, etc. They were all required to take birth control pills every day, especially on menstruation cycle. This stopped them from having periods. One girl who worked for 1.5 years said when she got back to Thailand, she bleed for 2 weeks, non-stop, when not taking pills during menstruation any longer.


Most were brought to doctor 1 or 2 times during their time there, by mamasan. They were never told of the results of these 'tests'. One girl interviewed heard "blood positive", but at the time, did not know what it meant. She did not realize she had just been diagnosed with AIDS. She was then sold into another contract, which I'll get into later. Doctor visits were for mamasans benefit, but cost was added to their debt, at greatly inflated prices, as was all expenses incurred by mamasan. Rent, rice, etc. was added to their debt monthly, equal to 4-5 times the actual cost. Breaking house rules also means an addition to their debt.


House rules: Cannot speak Thai, or tell anyone they are from Thailand. Where they live has cameras and motion detectors to limit their movement. They are under 24/7 surveillance. Cannot even go to store without a guard. While under contract, this is the case from the time they are brought to hotel in Bangkok, until they are released from contract. There is always a handler 24/7.


The sex: They are required to sit with customers in snack. Any customer wanting to take them, they could not refuse. If a customer took them before, and beat her, she HAD to go with him again. When they came back beaten, they would be penalized for not satisfying customer (additional debt). Many snacks insisted on a minimum of 2 customers a night (if not... additional debt was added). Average was 4. Men paid average $180-240/hr. All night is $340. Girl cannot refuse ANY request from customer. If customer complains about not being satisfied, additional debt was added, and in many cases, she was beaten by mamasan for non-submission. Whatever the customer wanted, she was required to comply, no matter what. Another threat was that if she did not do as customer wanted, she would be sold into another contract, starting the whole process over again.


Time element: Some girls worked like crazy, and paid off their debt in 3 months (US$25,000 to US$40,000, the average seemingly to be US$30,000). With additional debt (room and board, incidentals, etc.) this works out to a couple of hundred customers. But this was not the norm. Many stayed 1 year, or more, to work off debt. Their accounting, and mamasans, never jived. In many cases, girl was accounting that debt was almost paid, just to have mamasan say they had US$10,000 more to go. Additional debt was always added to their account, without any knowing how much, or why. They all seemed to resign themselves as this being their fate. To complain would mean additional hardships, so all felt that they just had to keep working, until they were released from contract. "Up to you, mamasan" kind of mentality.


Drugs: Are forbidden by mamasan. Soâ?¦ many use cough syrup to numb themselves to the reality of their situation. Two cases of acute psychosis resulting from this. One is still in mental hospital in Thailand.


Escape: The dream was that a customer would buy out their contract. A rich Japanese man would take her for his wife/mia noi. In some cases it happened. If caught soliciting this with customer, she would be fined, and beaten, so they has to walk a fine line. The threat to them was that if she escaped, the police would get her (they took her passport), or they would send yakuza to find her, and kill her. But... not just her. If they could not find her, they would kill family back in Thailand. If yakuza did find her, she would be put into 'black cage'... a yakuza hotel where she would have to work for free indefinitely. Also the threat of being put into the ocean. While these threats were common among all interviewed, not one knew of a specific case. In fact, there were several successful escapes, all without repercussions. One BK girl refused to go home for a year, fearing she was being watched, and didn't want followers to know where family lived.


Resale: Girl sold to buyer for $11,000. Girl must produce $30,000 to be released. Then she is free. Think again. Many work 2 months reducing debt, only to be re-sold into a new contract, starting her back to day 1. Many mamasans use this as a threat against girls. "Shape up, or I'll resell you". One case was a girl finishing up 1 year of working to pay debt. 2 weeks to go before she could keep all the money she brought in. Snack caught fire, and owners sold her into a new contract. She was not happy about this. But no passport, and the threats of yakuza, she ended up going along. She felt she had no choice.


Contract ends: Soâ?¦ girl finally services enough customers to satisfy contract. Initially, in all cases, they had no idea what was entailed as far as the conditions they would have to work under. They were all duped, in one way or another. In a few snacks the girl was actually allowed to write home (but never with a return address, because that would tell family where she was, so they could never write her); all were read by handlers before being sent out. Family back home has no idea what is going on. So... what do you think? Girl runs back home on first flight out of Narita. She has just gotten out of a contract that makes her go with many men, 24/7, and must do whatever they ask her to, no matter what the request. A far cry from what she was told to get her there... Guess again.


Aftermath: 90% of these Thai girls stay there. A few freelance, but the majority enter into a new contract. Many in the same snack they came from. Why? The snack owner doesn't care whom he pays the US$11,000 to. So... the now free Thai girl sells herself back to the snack owner for $11,000 and enters into new contract. She then promptly sends $11,000 to family back home. Because she is able to do that, it's all been worth it, in her eyes.


WTF???? Oh my God. Reading about this, I'm starting to realize just how powerful the need instilled into a Thai girls brain is that she has the responsibility of taking care of family. It's of such a powerful force, that I have no understanding of. In almost all cases, girls had trouble finding the money to get home. Everything they made went to family back home.


I have so much to learn.


High Thaied


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Jesus, that is one fucking harsh tale. Having been *seeing* the same Thai FL since July and having met her kids and family from up north I've a slight insight into the all pervading family concept.


Thank fuck Miss X isn't bound by the sort of constraints I've just read about.


Real food for thought, KS...



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