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Thai-centric torrent trackers


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Do you guys know of any torrent trackers with Thai music and/or movies?


All I've been able to find are a couple trackers in Thai language which are completely useless. Apart from the issue of Thai language only, they mostly have porn and VCDs with Western movies...



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OK, here is the summary of the few trackers that I know about:


1. http://www.thaibits.org/


This tracker specializes in Thai music, movies, and Thai language resources. It only has a few hundred torrents but the selection is quite good. E.g., in the music section, you can find some of the recent Thai rock releases as well as the Thai rock classics, along with morlam and lukthung. Most movies are in DVD format, with a few XviD mixed in.


Right now they have a free-leech period so this is a good time to jump in.


2. http://asiandvdclub.org/


This tracker specializes in Asian movies and has an impressive selection of Thai movies. They are all in DVD format, and many of them are DVD9, but even with only 1-2 seeders most of the movies can be downloaded in 2-3 days.


3. http://www.siambt.com/


The Web site is in Thai language and seems to frequented mostly by Thai teenagers, judging by the movies that are popular here, e.g. Trinity, Final Fantasy, Pirates of the Carribean, etc. I haven't really found anything worth downloading at this site.


4. http://www.2bbit.com/


Invitation only. If anyone can give me an invite, please PM me. Thanks.


That's it. If anyone knows of other sites please post the info here.

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