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Is this plausible? I hope so... :)


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better looking? Then why try to spark it up with obvious inferior meat like Angel?


If you want to believe your present tilac is finer than Angel--or--you actually believe that Angel has some thing for you, go right ahead.


And seriously...we are laughing with you not at you... :rotl:

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how many of you are real?.


i have met a few Members and believe them to be real people,but the rest of you.........who knows.


i believe,Limbo,Junglesoup,Kman and The Munchmaster are the same person.

after all Arsenal can't have that many Fans....... :hmmm:




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I wouldn't get too excited about meeting "models" and "actresses" after seeing their pics. They are such because they're pretty plus photogenic. That doesn't mean they're naturally more beautiful or charismatic than that shy officegirl on the BTS.


My ex was a bikini model in BKK. White-skinned, worked for several Thai and foreign mags. Looked cute and amazing in the pics, stunning breasts and rear. In reality? Nice with make-up on...but you see the real beauty without the make-up, and most guys probably wouldn't have thought she was the same girl.

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