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? Best internet radio

New Petchburi Pete

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Hmmm they added a lot of new stations. You can listen without logging in, but you will have a secondary quality. If you login you will get premium quality for free. They will absolutely not spam your emailaddress if you get a login. Haven't seen a mail from them since I signed up somewhere in december.


The site is in Dutch but you will be able to navigate it without speaking it. You do not need to install any secondary devices.



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If you are looking for music only look no further than LastFM (www.lastfm.com). This is internet radio as it should be. You can tailor your own listening experience by specifying what kind of music you like (artists,tags etc.) Really awesome, must be millions of tracks on-line there.


If you want internet transmission of broadcasted radio channels, LastFM is not what you want.



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