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Some info on Surin from another thread

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...Please check and see if they put in ST rooms upstairs.... it may save you from having to drive me back to the "Vill".....LOL


It's a pain in the arse trying to find that turn off in the dark....5555555


...Especially in "our condition".........errrr I mean...ageing and with poor night vision....

a few hours sleep and I could get the Bus.....



Cheers DS

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Actually there is a ST/no tell motel hotel right behind the Thong Tarin Hotel. If you walk down the left side of the TT hotel you'll see some stairs on the right, at the back. Those stairs lead up to the Golden Rose or some such name massage parlor. Yes, it is a sexual massage parlor. 3 levels of women available. Large sitting room, the ladies sit on a small 'stage' at the front of the room. But, if you look to the left from those stairs there is a driveway that continues around to the right. That houses about maybe 15 or 20 st rooms for rent with a curtain to pull over the parking space to hide one's automobile. I think I was told it is 200 or 250 for the 'rent' of the rooms.



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...Have *absolutely* no idea where you're talking about.... :grinyes::liar::liar::liar::grinyes:



I do recall staying at the Thong Tarin Hotel though.... but I never went out the back....(well I did, but by the time I got there it was closing....and I was smashed on some cheap whiskey me mate's Mum made me drink.... :rotl::rotl::yikes::stirthepo:yikes::rotl::rotl::rotl:


Think that was after we went to the Go Go Bar....and then the Night Club / Disco (where the performers were wearing less than the Go Go dancers at the other place... :dunno::dunno: TIT


I do recall some crazy guy screaming out at the top of his lungs....."I LOVE YOU"...to the Katoey singer....lol....and then almost setting fire to the place......55555555


...But I never went out the "Back".....


PS...Room 12 is quite nice....errrr so I'm told



Cheers DC

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