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Some info on Surin from another thread

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Yep, much cheaper in Surin. A friend of mine and I went out to the newer Oops! Coyote Pub a week or two ago. 4 or 5 hours with ladies sitting with us, 2 or 3 lady drinks each, we brought our own bottle but corkage and ice and cola was cheap enough, also bought a plate of food for one lady (it was good too-I had a few bites-good cook there!) Total cost was like 1400/1500 baht in all. 700/750 baht each. And, the women were friendly, all good looking except one I thought was heavy, and the place is huge, new, great a/c, it even has a glassed in room for the smokers with AC, tables and chairs and a large screen tv to watch while you are having a smoke. Attentive staff, and NO pushing for lady drinks. Actually the girls don't approach you until you call them over. I didn't like the music presented, nor the volume (not too bad but still too loud). If you are into sports though they have about ten or so TV around the place to watch football and Formula One and such stuff. Nicely done up for a smaller city like Surin. I'll be back when more friends visit. A nice place with good atmosphere and pretty women.



Drogon asked me:

Thanks for the small report Cent.

What about the qualities of the ladies there?




My answer:


Lots of good looking women in there (most between 19 and 25). They work in rotation with the other agogo bar there on Soi Cola/Soi Entertainment as it is called. There is also a new disco, the old Speed3 was torn down and a new Speed3 built right across the parking lot. Most of the women are more toward the Thai man spectrum of choice, light skinned. Little English from most, Thai, Lao and Khmer speaking, but some small English from many. LT/ ST prices are being asked at the same rates as BKK though. What the Thai men are quoted I have yet to find out. I don't indulge in that, but as friends do I would like to get further info for them. They also have a great new restaurant behind the Speed3 disco that has good food, open and airy (used to be a large snooker club before), great fried softshell crab, no problem bringing in a bottle there, cheap, tasty, and a HUGE big screen tv on the wall for watching sports and such. Surin is doing it up god lately. Lots of gorgeous little karaoke lasses and about five or six karake places (I went in one and we had fun--not too expensive and you can also bring your own bottle nbo prob). The upstairs 'Hard Rock' agogo at the end of the soi across from the new restaurant is good too. Also have a few decent soapy massage joints up here, one attached directly behind the Thong Tarin Hotel called 'The Golden Rose' or something close. A few rock pubs around that are good with live bands, AND, there is an awesome Tawan Daeng club to the right of the Thong Tarin Hotel pen until 2 with fantastic bands, good food, and cheap drinks (although beware the charge for bringing in cheaper boozes! 200 baht to bring in a bottle of Sang Som, but free to bring in Red Label/Black Label and the cheaper imported whiskies, like 100 Pipers etc. Fucking strange rule that.


Newer hotel is the Surin Majestic which everyone seems to like. Newer German restaurant on Soi Cola, good food and not expensive at all, great German beers, cheeses, homemade cured meats and homemade German breads. SOme great new coffee shops, one near my place and by the Tawan Daeng with free wifi, good beers, foods, coffees and desserts/pastries.


All in all Surin has it all but on a smaller scale. There is a large middle class here and a big Thai/Chinese population. A couple of good Chinese restaurants as well.




p.s. The Thai men in Surin are usually very friendly, but some can be obnoxious when drunk, and the saying in Surin goes: Drink! Or be a dog!" So there is a lot of drinking up here and some overdo it at times. Just don't flash cash around the bar and ruin it for others, especially the Thai men. They do not do that at all and it is looked down on to be so crass.


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"As you seem to know Isaan quite well.

How would you rate the nightlife in Surin?"


Best in the area. Guys from Ubon Ratchatani and elsewhere come here for it. But, it is not even close to BKK or Pattaya, by a long shot. It's small, but there if you want or need it. One soi by the Thong Tarin has most of it. But there are massage parlors around, some freelance going on in one soi I hear, a couple decent agogos, friendly lasses at the Tawan Daeng as well that seem open to meeting farang, plenty of karaoke joints, even an older place in front of Thong Tarin that was a 'sing-a-song lady joint now has dancers and is much more of an agogo than a sing-a-song place (but they still have ladies singing as well on the front stage). Caesar's is the name of it and it is right in front of the Thong Tarin Hotel. I used to go there every weekend years ago, now it has all changed and take away is available.


"I mean how many venues?"


Not a lot, but enough. It's Surin, not BKK. But if you have to come here for some reason it is there and it is good, and fun, and friendly.


"Quality of the ladies?"


Excellent in my opinion. Much better quality for its size than Soi Cowboy or Nana pickings.


'(money is not an issue although I will for sure not irritate local Thais)'


Money passed to a lass is done very discretely. Flashing out is just not done and makes one look bad. It's very laid back and, well, Thai.



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I never flashed money so I am not concerned.

(I even learned how to give an envelope rather than exhibit some bills).


Seems that Surin might well be better than Khon Kaen.


This said, how do I go there, there is a flight between BKK and Buriram but how to go to and from Buriram to Surin???

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