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Problem with 11 and 18


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I am trying to find the best way not to be misunderstood (especially by taxi drivers)...


It seems that sometimes I pronounce correctly and sometimes not...


As I intend to stay on sukhumvit soi 11

(Fraser suite) I do not like the idea of ending on soi 18.....

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It happened to me once but that was very late (early) after a record breaking night on the town.

Make sure there's a gap between the two words...


If you run them together you have sip paert.

Try saying 11 first anyway, most Thais understand English numbers.

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Yes I tried that (even by making 18 ridiculously long).


Works 9 out 10...unfortunately when I am wrong (or the driver is deaf) then this is a long walk from 11 to 18...


Thanks, will try in English first then in Thai.

This said, the good point when going back as sex tourist in July -> whenever I go back to soi 11 -> I do intend to have a lovely Thai lady, thus she can tell the driver the correct soi



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I like soi 18 -> both some nice quiet places -> my ST/LT hotel at the end of the street -> my favorite barmaid (in the bar/club of the same hotel).


I disliked soi 11 -> nothing interesting until recently:

Now, they have st moritz club and Fraser suites serviced apartment

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St Moritz very good, Fraser Suites must be decent if comparable to the Fraser on Sathorn. Went a few weeks back to Q bar and not only it wasn't packed, they have totally revamped the upper floor for the better. Quite elaborate with lots of foreigners from diverse origins -so many indians reminded me the Bombay Bangkok(?) nights of many years ago also in Qbar. Quite nice although we moved soon to Forte. Haven't been to Bed for ages but not too bad either, and it was definetely an impressive change in the BKK nightlife when it was created. New building also opened right across Q bar, is it a hotel or a club?


Possibly the only atractive soi in Lower Suk ...

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St mortitz I intend to spend a lot of nights there.


Fraser suites seems better than the langsuan one.


I never like Qbar though.


Right across Qbar? Do you mean le fenix? If yes then this is a quite new Accor hotel (ibis)


Not bad from what I heard but too small for me

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