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Any Salsa Makers Out There?


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Tomatoes, Jalapenos, onion and Cilantro, to texture and taste, maybe try adding diced avocado, and baby shrimp. Let it sit an hour or 2 before adding the shrimp and Avocados.


Yeah, keep it simple.


Nice, ripe tomatoes, chili peppers (mouse shit are nice for this here in Thailand), onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, maybe garlic depending on mood.


I may try some of the fancy ones above to see how nice they are, but the above 'recipe' is clean and delicious when you get the proportions right (and there's a lot of leeway there).

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This was a great place when I was a kid, Mexican food to die for. (My kid sister always ordered a hamburger and a coke! )


I walked into a Persian and Mexican fast food place yesterday. I suspected it would be wrong, but I was too lazy to walk a few blocks further.


I knew it was going to be horrible when I saw the fat, lazy Mexican lady taking my order eating a hamburger. If there were better food there, I think she would have eaten all of it. Maybe she already did.

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