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Bloody sweet thai food


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WTF is wrong with those people ? why is thai food seasonning such a horrible mess of sugar and strong spices?


I'm a fan of cantonese, the most sober part of french food and japanese food, where the sauce is discreete and the freshness and texture of the meat and fish is of prime importance.


With thai food, they could serve you frozen dog shit you would have a hard time noticing it the sauce beeing so strong. The sweet taste is the worst, I usually get rather upset when a taste of sugar comes in a main course but now I'm most utterly pissed off since I would like to start a sugar free Montignac like diet, which is very easy to follow in HK or Southern China but very difficult here. Even getting a sugarfree coffee or tea is difficult in BKK, and impossible in 7/11.


What's wrong with those people again and again?? Had a discussion with a chinese acquaintance here lately and he reckons the way of thai mixing all flavours in their dishes is typical of their lack of identity.


I'm not quite sure, but it definetely strikes me as another aspect of an inferior culture.


On a side note, I must concede to Thailand that they arranged a country where foreigners can find comfortable marks while beeing total outsiders. It's amazing how many expats one finds here who largely look down at the local culture while as a whole apreciate their life in Thailand.


- now if you know a decent chinese cook available, please send a PT.

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You're joking, right ? :smirk: I surely can't cook.


Don't mind paying for the service to get decent food though, yet we've moved riverside and when I ordered food from the centralised restaurant service which menu you find in most downtown serviced apartments they say they need 1.5hour to deliver and there's no restaurant downstairs


Besides even in chinese restaurants here I sometimes end up with sweetened dishes, which pisses me off to no end. Otherwise there is plenty of choice in BKK restaurants with almost always large tables available, which I appreciate very much. In Fuji they even a couple sugarfree teas, but in 7/11 you only find the Fuji sweet varieties.


Besides for all the food lovers here, what is your impression faced with such a mess of a food which makes thai food ? I -once again- get the feeling that the only good things to say about local culture comes from China, whereas the more deep rooted habits in it are much of a disgrace.


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Personally i really like Thai food, but I avoid the sweet stuff and stick to basic dishes. I have a great Isaan restaurant near me and whilst it is hardly sophisticated dining, it is healthy, light and spicy...all the things i want.


I might get around to taking a Thai cooking course one day, I might not though.

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Started to get really starving... as the nanny was on her way back, phoned her to bring some food - easy deal as we have a bunch of street restaurants right outside the compound. Well she didn't quite get my order and brought over Khao man Khai, one of the safest bet around Thailand but not fit for the planned diet, than some kind of pad siew (sic?)... so sweet one could have it as a dessert... got some ugly iced tea as well... grrr.. as so hungry I ate it all anyway... rain stopped, prolly time to head to rama 9 ... try and shower away all this pain :smirk:


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