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what the hell is all this about why dont we talk about something interesting like meetin thai girl online with these girl web sites.... Meet the girl of your dreams for pen pal, dating and more... What are the pit falls? Are there any real success stories. What is the ratio of scams to to Pams? A Pam being like a real girl with no significant multi extraction plan set to trap the unweary. and the Un aware chumps of the world. Like most of us.

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My god it is hot today. What happened to the cool weather?


I will MORE than happy to swap with you.


Wind from the ESE (110 degrees) at 17 MPH (15 KT) gusting to 28 MPH (24 KT)

Visibility 10 mile(s)

Sky conditions overcast

Temperature 30.0 F (-1.1 C)

Windchill 17 F (-8 C)

Dew Point 18.0 F (-7.8 C)

Relative Humidity 60%

Pressure (altimeter) 30.04 in. Hg (1017 hPa)



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