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"Respect" as in "I respect women"


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A lady was making suggestions as to how to say this, but she doesn't speak English well and may not have exactly grasped what I wanted. Also her suggestion is not in any dictionary I see online, although it may right.


The gist of what I would like to say is along the lines of: "I don't pressure women to do anything they don't want to do. I respect women."


I have been saying "pom nap teuh poo-ying" and that seemed to be understood. The lady told me yesterday that that was overly formal and really wasn't something you would say to a young woman. She suggested "su-pahp baw-root."


Whatever your suggestion, please write it in Thai if possible.


As I said, I've looked it up in the dictionary, so I'm looking for someone with practical knowledge. (GTG are you there? I think this is right up your alley.)



Gaw Guy

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"I don't pressure women to do anything they don't want to do. I respect women."


Pom mai bang kup(pronounce like "cup") poo ying hai tum(pronounce like "thump" without "h") sing tee mai yark tum. Pom kow rop ( kuam kid kong) poo ying.


à¸?มà¹?มà¹?à¸?ัà¸?à¸?ัà¸?à¸?ูà¹?หà¸Âิà¸?à¹?หà¹?à¸?ำสิà¹?à¸?à¸?ีà¹?à¹?มà¹?อยาà¸Âà¸?ำ à¸?มà¹?à¸?ารà¸?(à¸?วามà¸?ิà¸?à¸?อà¸?)à¸?ูà¹?หà¸Âิà¸?


Respect= kow rop = which is quite formal to use in this case. We use "kow rop" for our parents, teachers, people who are supposed to be higher status than us. So, I agree with your friend that it is quite too formal. That's why I put some more word in the bracket, which means " their opinion = �วาม�ิ��อ�)


So I suggest you specify what you are trying to say by saying the words in the bracket too. Just to lessen the formality of the word "respect" a bit.


Hope this help. Otherwise, ask me again.



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à¹?หà¹?à¹?à¸Âียรà¸?ิà¸?ูà¹?หà¸Âิà¸? "hai kriet puu ying" gets the concept across, but does sound a bit strange...probably better is à¹?มà¹?à¸?ูà¸?ูà¸Âà¸?ูà¹?หà¸Âิà¸? "to not look down on women"



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