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Sawang DAEN Din - Bad and Good news


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Well - that was a fun night out!


Except learning sadly the Farang FC Bar in Sawang DAEN Din is no longer - the owner had a heart attack about a month after our last visit and is now in a coma! Being greeted by his with "I remember YOU" made me feel guilty - he's a nice guy and best wishes to him.


Me and two other Farangs sat their with our Katoeys (was bring a katoey night) and she offered to provide s left over stock which we did our best to drink.


After some Chicken and a variety of nice beer - we check binned and headed off to a place I can't say anymore off - other than it was GREAT fun and I was back there again the next night!

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Well yeah, two nights in a row might be too much for my old bones and my second half hated to see me on the dangerous drunken roads again :yikes: , took me to noon see the new day.


I was afraid indeed you would not post details on the second place we hit that night :elephant:


So you did return to that place with your katoey and had your fun on your own? :yay:


I do plan to have an innocent visit there soon enough and on your next trip around we could meet directly there since they seemed to have a food buffet also :beer:


It will be easy to convince my lady to stay at home, farang talk is sooo boring :idea:

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Food buffet isn't for Sunday night - I am guessing a weekend thing.


They had some sala's outside full off poeple - some who came in a tuk tuk


We ordered a Korean / Thai food thing the Thai's love - I took 4 local lads - katoy was very sad to be left behind but had school the next day.


We drank a LOT more than the night before (hard to believe) total including beer for 5 guys - 6 girls was 1400 baht.


I have a great picture taken in the toilet of Barbie girl - not suitable for here though!

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A bit of a update on sad news - the Farang FC Bar owner died a month or so back. He left behind his very nice wife and 2 kids. I didn't know at the time but she was pregnant when he had the heart attack - she gave birth not long before he died.


Sad - but I think she's doing ok.



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