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Beware Kasikorn ATM's -- just f**king thieves

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>>Maybe you should learn how to stop wasting money on FOREX before preaching to others.


... I am getting 6.35% on my money back in an Oz bank, and draw down completely fee free from Aeon with my completely fee free Wizard Mastercard. Can you get that rate in Thailand?


Perhaps, Mekong, you should learn how to handle your finances better before pontificating to others about FOREX.


OK a simple maths lesson numbnuts


Last time I made a transfer from GBP to THB December 09 the rate was 55.1526 todays rate is 47.429


Therefore GBP 20,000 got me THB 1103052


Today GBP 20,000 would get me THB 948580


The differance of THB 154472 equates to GBP 3256.91 at todays exchange rate.


If I had have left the money earning your 6.35% interest it would have earned a maximum GBP 635 over the interim 6 months, that is assumong that I had not been making withdrawals from said GBP 20,000 in the six month period which obviously I have.


Using your method the GBP 635 interest earned would have got me 30117 THB, where as my FOREX speculation gor me an additional 124,355.


So who is the one pontificating?


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I do have a life outside this forum.


All that you are telling us is that you have been LUCKY with your last transaction. You are past post betting. Or are you bullshitting that EVERY time you change money from GBP to THB you ALWAYS make a profit? If so, I think you are telling us porky pies. :liar:


Because it begs the question that if you are such a fucking financial genius at picking market tops and bottoms with such devastating certainty:


1) Why aren't you Thailand's George Soros, who can make $billions on the futures market over a weekend? What’s your call on the GBP/THB rate next Friday, Mekong? Do tell us all. Cat got your tongue, Mr Madoff?


2) Why weren't you the top man at Lehman Bros when they needed you?


3) Why don't you have a small bamboo mat on the pavement in Sukhumvit using your crystal balls to sell... err tell fortunes?


The answer is of course like all financial bullshitters you always tell us your wins rather than your losses.


And when your THB savings run out and you bring over a large sum just before something unexpected comes out of left field that sends the GBP soaring and THB plummeting. Oh dear, you are holding baht bought last week at 47, when you could have bought now at 55.


Oh I beg your pardon, Gypsy Rose Lee. You saw it all coming with your Tarot Cards.


Personally I think it’s safer for me to have my money in a rock solid government guaranteed Oz bank earning 6.35% ,change my money here as I need it completely commission free, and have funds available in Oz if I see an investment opportunity.


You must be the nastiest person on this board, Mekong. Some of your posts contain useful information, but they are always delivered with a tone varying in scale from critical .. supercilious...sarcastic...obnoxious.


Your reply to OP

>> I find it rather ironic that someone who has had a presence in Thailnd for such a long period is still drawing funds from an overseas account and there getting the Onshore Exchange rate rather than the Offshore rate.

… critical/supercilious

>> Maybe you should learn how to stop wasting money on FOREX before preaching to others.

… sarcastic/obnoxious


No wonder the board is losing members with wankers :wanker: like you around.


You could just as easily have written.


If you are staying long term in LOS, it might be worth considering bringing over a large sum using the Onshore rate rather than the Offshore, if you think the circumstances are favourable. It’s worked for me in the past.


But no, the bully boy smartarse comes out in you every time. I’m amazed you don’t choke on your own venom. You must carry so much rage inside you every day… maybe that’s the price you pay.


Do you behave as obnoxiously as this when you are in a bar? It’s a wonder you have any friends at all. Maybe you don't, and people just pay lip service to you, but avoid your company if possible.





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Typical of you, I call your bluff and rather than try to defend your opinion, which I demonstrated to be incorrect, you resort to personal insults which is just about your level. You just cannot handle it when you are proven to be incorrect.







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On my last trip to Pattaya I made it a point of going to the tesco Lotus to use the free machine there...50 baht to get there, 50 baht to get back so saved myself 50 baht :)


And lost a couple of hours you will never get back for 50 baht :surprised::sad:


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When a Bm can make a win...GREAT!

No need to rake them over the coals, IMO.


I have waaaaaaay to many stories of could've, would've, should've.


Nice to hear of someone winning at the game!!!


Not raking anyone over the coals, don't get so worked up, it was tongue in cheek... its only 50baht

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>> You just cannot handle it when you are proven to be incorrect.


.. now now, don’t get your knickers in a twist! :nono:


Let’s, for argument’s sake, say you really did make that 20k GBP play … buy for 55 baht, rub hands together with glee :yay: , because now the price is 47 baht. Congratulations. Wonderful foresight.


How can you guarantee that next time you do it you will have the same good fortune?


You are the one gambling big time (well 20k GBP’s worth) on FOREX, not the OP.


If you were so fucking certain that it was going to go down 55 baht to 47 baht, why didn’t you change 100k GBP? … why not 200k …why not your entire life savings,? …or mortgage the house too, then change it all back later when your crystal balls tell you the rate is going to change direction?


Answer: you did NOT know. You were lucky, punk!


I know a fellah here in Pattaya.. he’s a lovely bloke, and I have a lot of time for him. He was boasting before the THB crash of 97 that he’d sold up in UK and put all his savings into some rock solid Thai stocks. He’s still around and has a lovely missus who really looks after him. Despite all horror stories on this forum, his marriage turned out to be the smartest move that he ever made.




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I'm actually grateful to the Thai banks for imposing their 150 baht fee, leaving Japanese bank Aeon at Tesco and Carrefour the only fee free atm. Makes me exercise more.


I'm only 15 minutes walk away. It costs me 50 grams of fat every time I walk there. I'd have to take 2 short taxi rides.. not worth it. Besides I can pick up some cheap piss at Best supermarket by Dolphin roundabout on my way back.



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