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1000 Western extras needed in October


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What kind of military reenactor? Roman maybe??


I did some WTBS reenacting once upon a time. Still got my Confed cavalry uniform (western theater), .58 carbine, haversack, leather gear, .36 Colt, period shoes etc. Only problem is nowadays look more like I belong at a UCV reunion in the 1900s. :(


p.s. I don't recall ever going Federal. A man has to have some sense of decency. ;)






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What are the extras needed for? I think 20 farang and a bunch of CG will be better.


Can you imagine assembling a random cross-section of 100 farang from Pattaya? I would be like a zombie movie!


I guess you have been working in the movie industry for a long time haven't you? Maybe you should send your resume to some companies to advise them ;)

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