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Flooding In Sukhumvit


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We arrive in Bangkok on the 5th November. Can anyone give me any information about the flooding in and around sukhumvit soi4, we are also travelling down to pattaya.....are the roads open.




I am updating this thread - with pictures of Suk Soi 4 every day. For the moment it is bone dry mate. Road to Pattaya is the same AFAIK.





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I heard the same report, and since I live directly opposite Sukhumvit Soi 50 (on Soi 79), I went to take a look.


From a point 1.8 km southwest of Sukhumvit, I took the photo shown at: http://twitter.com/#!/StoneSoupBKK/status/129822334596038657/photo/1 This was looking southwest.


500 meters to the west, Khlong Prakhanong water level was absolutely normal - see http://twitter.com/#!/StoneSoupBKK/status/129831847847931904/photo/1

and http://twitter.com/#!/StoneSoupBKK/status/129831048124178432/photo/1

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You need to go down to the road by the port - between Soi 50 and Soi 42 - right outside the port entrance.


This area always flooded in past years, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Last night, 8PM or so after the rain stopped, I drove all thru the port via Soi 50

and no water out of the ordinary.

High tide this morning at 0721 (4 m) and then again at 1717 (3 m).



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Hey, make sure you check out the tide before visiting Sukhumvit. 

low tide is good for swimming, surfing stuff cause when it is high tide, people often noctice that when they step into the water they could walk just a few feet and then step off a sandy ledge. 

I found this useful site for tide checking https://www.tideschart.com/Thailand/Samut-Prakan/Amphoe-Phra-Samut-Chedi/Bangkok/ 

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