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Panadolsandwich's Thought Of The Week, Weekly

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Find yourself, motorbiked to back country on hello kitty yamaha fino. All dusty mouthed and flanged-flouted. Mobbed by small children who crown you King Ling while you gasp for breath reaching for pills red Si Deang. Crude rum masquerading as whiskey on your poor tongue – blazed as it is by the scorched fire of all the things you said and never minded, ha! probably never will regret; least you'll wonder until ka– chest pain grips you. ma - Angina pill slips through fingers, |dead| when you wake up safe and sound in freezer-draw. Well then. Welcome.


And that is a hearty welcome. I plan a weekly post, posted weekly of course, and posted every Sunday, and every week, on the week, and failing that every other week, or the week after; or perhaps the week after that.


Anyhow my thought of the week is; well I admit this is fairly trivial – even Stickman has told me he doesn't know – and he has feelers, creeper feelers creeping around the municipality – or the city of not-so angels. Still we have to perservere and in haste I suppose. So much so that I think my thought of the week still has to be carefully put. In terms of laymen it cou

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So I take that as a tacit thumbs up... My post got garbled, but nevermind. A note to the ravers - don't drink gin by the pint. More unequivocally, nah, nevermind... My thought of the week is perchance irrevocable, and by very definition not in the bounds of this forum - which is a shame. I could provide a lesser thought - but that would not be in my nature.


Next week I'll provide more news that tells you how to think, next week, on the week. En kind regarde.

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