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A Surprise Return


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another good day but boring for the readers i would imagine.

we hired a motorbike from the hotel at a price of 100bt for 24 hours and set off for a day out.

headed south and passed through Kata and Karon beaches with a slight wind but lovely sunshine.

stopped off at the Cape on the South tip of the Island which is a place i like,lovely vistas of the western part of the island and some interesting shrines to visit.

then back Northwards and onto Wat Chalong which is another place i like,so peaceful apart from the crowds.

i let my lady do her business in the temple while i soaked up the atmosphere.

we stopped off for a late lunch on the way to Phuket Town and it was lovely,i love these little roadside places where all the food is cooked in front of you and so tasty.

a slow ride back to Patong and we arrived at the hotel and we sat with some of the staff with coffee's and chatted as the sun set.


a really nice relaxing day and seeing places i like and a nice ending as we had sex and then a nap.

out late and just walked around certain areas to visit some of her friends in bars and no pressure on me to buy drinks,but i did.

back to the hotel around 2am and we just relaxed and she watched TV again as i got on with other things.

the next day was going to be a treat for her,a day on the beach and any of the activities she fancied then i would pay.

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True....which is why I would never ride one in Patts or Bkk.Riding through the mountains between Pai and Mair Hong Sorn on a scooter with the GF on the back was a memorable experience - fantastic scenery,cool air and vertually zero traffic :chinaman::up:

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do you have statistics that support your claim or you just guess...


Illness seems to be the major cause of death of Farang tourists, followed by accidents (I guess including fallowing from balconies).

But tourist have a higher road accident death rate than Thai. surprised.gif (see second article).



More Australians die in Thailand than in any other foreign country.


Figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs for the period 2006 to 2011 show 430 Australian citizens died in the popular tourist destination. Of those, 163 died of illness, 69 in accidents, and 66 of natural causes, while the cause of death was unknown or unlisted in 132 cases.

Vietnam was the country with the second highest number of deaths with 300 and Greece had the third highest with 284.

Most of Vietnam's deaths were from illness (151) while the majority in Greece were from natural causes (197).


A spokeswoman from DFAT said there were as many as 96,000 Australians living in or visiting Greece last year."The numbers of natural deaths need to be viewed in that context," she said.




Thailand 2nd Worst Country For Road Safety

By Boris Sullivan - Mon, Aug 22nd, 2011


Thailand’s official Road Safety Centre has asked the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to strengthen safety for tourists using land transport claiming a UK report ranked Thailand as the world’s second most dangerous country for tourist-related road accidents after Honduras.

The centre was making a belated response to the UK-based FIA Foundation Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile 27 September 2010 report that researched fatal road accidents involving tourists.


It concluded that often tourists faced a higher risk of dying in a road accident than residents of the country they were visiting.However, the Thailand Road Safety Centre got it wrong when it said the FIA had ranked Thailand second only to Honduras for fatal road accidents.


The average statistics showed that only Honduras reported more fatal road accidents involving US tourists than Thailand. The US statistics showed the average road kill rate for US tourists in Thailand in 2005 was 50 for 100,000 visits. The quoted figure was higher than the average road kill rate for Thai citizens, which was 19 for 100,000, indicating the risk of a deadly accident was higher for US tourists than Thai residents.




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Riding a moto can be a real pleasure in LOS ( depending on the traffic of course )and 100 bt/day seems a pretty good price :up:

i don't drive a motorbike as i have no idea and just sit on the back letting my hands roam over the ladies figure at times.

i know what the traffic is like and it scares the shit out of me at times and i just close my eyes.

but the locals are more used to the conditions and i trust them.

many of them have been riding bikes before they reached puberty.

but any RTA is more likely to the fault of another road user and not you if you are taking care.

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