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As a young blond boy, I was told that gypsies like to steal blond kids like me and warned against them. Then later, when political correctness arrived in England, we were told that it was "an old wives tale" and that the "traveler community" should be respected as a disadvantaged minority.


Today I read that another blonde girl, 7, has been removed from a Dublin Roma family.



I'm furious, Hitler's policy on these people seems reasonable to me now.


I agree totally, if couples from a group do this, then kill the whole group!


When I read about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and the rapes and murders they did, I knew in my heart that Hitler was right, he had to invade and kill as many English as he could


Same Same Nah?

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I was a little bit hot headed in my post, which I regret.


The whole gypsy camp knew that the woman suddenly produced a blond baby without being pregnant. Nobody said anything to the authorities. Its been happening for a long time and until recently the Greek police were too scared to go into the gypsy camps.


Gas the couple and send the bill to the others.

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A bit too harsh to tar the whole group for the sins of one couple. What I find disturbing about what I know about Gypsy culture is the tendency to not get educated and the transient lifestyle that leads to all kinds of wrongdoing. One of these wrongdoings is the cavalier attitude about children, whose children are they, and where did they come from.

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The authorities have found the childs parents.

Family of 10 children about.

This one was given away. (stated)


(Reuters) - A Bulgarian Roma couple are the biological parents of a four-year-old blonde girl found in Greece last week, DNA tests showed on Friday, clearing some of the mystery around a case that has captured global attention.

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<< In a Roma camp in southern Bulgaria, a couple says they might be the real parents of a four-year-old girl found in Greece last week.


Now, Bulgarian police are questioning Atanas and Sashka Ruseva about the girl, whom police call Maria. The woman thinks she gave birth to her in Greece in 2009 but says she had to leave the infant behind because the family was poor.


(SOUNDBITE) (Bulgarian) SASHA RUSEVA SAYING: "We don't know whether it is our child. We have given out

some children for free, we have taken no money, we never took any money, we just couldn't feed the child."


Maria was found with this couple in Greece, during a police sweep of their Roma camp. DNA tests showed they weren't blood relatives and they're now in custody for abduction. Maria's discovery sparked a global search for her real parents.


Sashka Ruseva reportedly recognized her after seeing TV reports. Her relative insists she did nothing wrong.


(SOUNDBITE) (Bulgarian) RELATIVE, ANGEL ANGELOV, SAYING: Some people say Sasha sold her child. She did not sell her child, because if she had done so, she would been have been living in a bigger house than this and in better conditions."


Stanka Ruseva is one of Sashka's ten children, five of whom closely resemble Maria.


(SOUNDBITE) (Bulgarian) STANKA RUSEVA, POSSIBLE SISTER OF MARIA, GIRL FOUND IN GREEK ROMA CAMP, SAYING: "I would like Maria to come here. She is my sister."


Prosecutors say DNA tests will determine if Sashka is indeed Maria's biological mother. But if she's found guilty of selling her child, this impoverished Roma mother could face up to six years in jail.>>



So this means they can put the child out begging on the streets again?


And right below it ...


Greek police arrest second Roma couple suspected of child abduction




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