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New 2014-2015 Epl League Is Open


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I missed this


Cheers Limbo I will throw my hat in this year, Just signed up with a default team at the moment but won't fine tune my team until Friday 15th August the transfer market is too volatile at present to select a team.


The URL is http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb.html top right hand side there is a link to "Fantasy League" just register select Private League Copy and Paste the code limbo posted and straight into Thai360 Private League.


It's been years since I was sad enough to waste my time in Fantasy League but I should have some free time over this coming season.


I think the last time I was involved when it was NanaPlaza League and we all gambled real money on it, one of the Friday Meetings in Woodstocks (Shite Peter Sold up in 2005) old BM's such as Long Gun (Changed his name to Long Gone when he moved his Thai Family back to Sunderland) and a few other Characters. That must have been 2002/03 Season since I vaguely remember it taking place just after the Japan / Korea World Cup 2002

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