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What Could Be Worse Than Economy Class? Airline Reportedly Considering "economy Minus"

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Doesn't matter with these gator freighters that they fly now...what's the big plane, 700 passengers?


All piling out a few exit doors, walking down the now over-cramped walkways, to the packed out Immi lines and

then joining the hordes waiting for their baggage :dunno:

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No can do. LAX to BKK biz class only or I do not fly.

Same now for me from SFO. Have you tried any of those agencies that sell "discount" biz class? I'm a bit wary of them. Usually they are "reward" tickets they acquire through some means. I have read reports of denied boarding at check in. That would be a bona fide pisser !

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We laugh and joke but if people can save a buck, they'll take the cheap seats and complain about it later.


Sitting at the front of the plane you'll get there quicker - off the plane first, luggage gets on the carousel first and then you can be first to join the 3 mile queue for immigration...

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